Your credibility and getting attention on Twitch

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Seth Godin brought up this great point on his blog recently, that I both want to echo and put my own Twitch spin on. The point he brought up is that in a space where everyone have access no one does. That the people you want to reach are the hardest to reach.

What does credibility mean?

It means that when everyone can stream there’s automatically a over saturation both in terms of value and in terms of time. You having an idea, great concept, great overlays are secondary. “But Daniel you do overlays, why do keep saying they’re redundant?” They’re only redundant when they add no value. Most “branding” on Twitch is just someone that made something with no process, follow-up or even having the personal brand in mind. It’s made to be pretty and that’s it. When you start out with your idea etc. you have no credibility. This is always why we keep talking about consistency and schedule, that’s what builds your credibility. Be it among the viewer base or among other streamers (networking).

Your credibility is the trust that you amass and it is based around the attention you grab. It’s all about the value that you give and that you keep giving overtime. It’s not a shortcut and it’s not a way to instant fame. It’s a sure way to get there but in your own time on your own terms. It’s not a streamer saying “this is what I did” or “a few tips from my experience” they 99% of the time don’t directly apply to you. However your credibility is 100% on you, and it’s time you take that on. All you need is patience, value and knowing how to delivery said value over and over again.

What are you doing wrong?

You’re assuming that you deserve attention and trust, things you haven’t earned yet. You need to earn that attention and amass that credibility. The bad is that you can’t measure it, it’s not after X amount of days, months or years that gives you seniority, it’s all on how hard you work the value, networking and branding.

When it comes down to it it’s value, something I’ve talked about before, you need to make it worthwhile for anyone to stay and watch, interact or work with you. The good part is that it’s not impossible and all it takes is patience, that goes both for attracting viewers attention and from other streamers. One of the most strange thing I’ve heard “That streamer got partnership because he knows the right people”, damn straight they did! And they deserved it! They got to know the right people, at the right level, at the right time (there’s no specific number, it happens when it happens), they had the patience and networked the right way. Why aren’t you doing the same? It’s not that hard.

Getting attention is probably the one of the most asked questions on forums all the way from the “how do I get more viewers”, “how do I grow my audience” to the “I’ve been streaming for X amount, what am I doing wrong?”. I’m going to mention it again if you want attention you better give value right up front. That’s it. There’s really no more to it. Alright there’s a bit more too it but it’s the core. The Twitch space is growing fast enough where only being online won’t be enough. you have to do more than before. Be high level skill, entertainment, education or anything else. But unless you are giving value up front you have broken the chain.

What comes after I’ve gotten attention?

You say, “I will do x, y and z, I hope you will give me permission by listening.” — Seth Godin

You wanted attention and then you have it. What do you do with it? Understand the following that when people have given you their attention they have paid with time. So the ones that are loosing out on subscribers and donations are the one that don’t give a second time around with what you promised initially with you first pitch to get attention. You have value, they gave you time and now it’s time that you give that value again and again and again. It won’t stop. If you want someone to commit to a donation or a subscription you better have enough value to justify that.

It goes like this: You ask for attention (in whatever way you do it), they then give you attention (paying with time) and then you need to continue that circle. If that circle is not started over and you think you’re done when you have their attention, and that now is the time to ask for donation or subscription, you’re no longer doing any marketing on your end.


Sorry I’m very busy right now working with a few really awesome clients and finished with another one a few days ago. They haven’t started using it yet so I won’t post the article until they do so. I now have a Ask A Question page where you can ask me anything you feel like, no need to fill in your Twitch name or real name, if you want to be anonymous. If you want to do it publicly and get that networking going *hint, hint* then get at me on Twitter @visiblespeech



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