What’s a personal brand on Twitch?

By 6 February, 2017 No Comments

There’s a lot of talk about branding, building your brand and getting a brand etc. around Twitch. In part due to that it’s been one of the criterias around getting partnership on Twitch. There’s actually different types of branding. The one that most people tend to think about or create is actually a business brand. Thinking that since they’ve heard that a Twitch channel is sort of like running a business so must their brand be. However I would argue that the personal brand will always outweigh the business brand on Twitch.

What’s personal brand?

It’s you . It’s who you are. Think about it like this; you have a series on YouTube where you do traveling. So you start a channel called “South East Asia Travel Dude”. Nice right? It’s what you’ve probably seen a lot of smaller streamers do. They predicate their entire channel on this one singular idea. Down the the name and what the meaning of the name is etc.

But that’s not a personal brand. To again understand this better that YouTuber instead of calling his channel “South East Asia Travel Dude” a personal brand would be “Nick Nickelson Travels”. While it’s not hitting that SEO level of things that’s not something we’re concerned about.

The reason why a personal brand will always win out in the end is because we change. Nick might want to travel outside of South East Asia one day. That expansion would be a lot more difficult when South East Asia is in the name of the channel.

My example is YouTube related however the amount of times I’ve had to mention this to clients that are unsure about their name are really high. I do think that a lot of that comes from misinformation from bad sources and in general a lot of different types of information that ends up being unclear.

How do a build a brand from that?

There for sure is a solid argument to have a bit of both. In an era where you’re associated with nicknames or anything else there’s no need to have your real name. That’s not what this is about. It’s about the ability to adapt and change instead of locking yourself down and then have a  hard to grow due to it.

Having a name or nickname on Twitch will and won’t hinder you from creating a specific brand. It’s not the name that will define what you do. It’s the content and the direction that the visual brand will takes. You can create any brand from almost any name. There’s no need to be specific in these cases.

Sure there might be a trade-off. However that trade-off is that you can adapt and change your brand as you grow (more often than not this is what will happen). You can also transition to other places and you’re building yourself up for the future. The more future proof you can be the better it will be.

Wanted to shed some light on this. Since too many times do I get the questions from people both on Twitter, contact form or in my Discord chat room.

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