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To start on Twitch you don’t need professional equipment

By 1 July, 2015 No Comments

A lot of times I hear streamers talking about thing they need to have before they start. All they need is a good microphone and then they’re good to go. Or a green-screen, or any other toy that’s out there. Do you really need them? As a amateur going into streaming there are a lot of things that you might think you’re going to need but in reality you’re only looking at what already established streamers do and use. It’s one of the most dangerous traps you’re going to fall into and you might never start streaming because of it.

You don’t need them, of course you don’t. What you really need to start streaming is very minimal. A computer, decent internet, streaming program and probably a microphone (and even that can be debated I guess). There really isn’t anything more that you really need to get started.

Hindering yourself by chasing the wrong thing

Never stare yourself blind on all of these things that you think you need (green-screen, professional microphone etc.) but in reality you don’t need it at all. What you need to do is focus on one thing. I know that in the beginning it might be the best to focus on something like your personal branding, and only that, meaning come to grips with what your channel is and what you are going to provide. Everything else around that will only get in the way. Maybe instead of getting that professional microphone why not try to actually start streaming and see what it feels like. No equipment will ever make you more professional than the way you present yourself.

Trying to get all of these things that you think you “need”, might even hinder you from starting at all. You’re putting up hurdles that stopping you from going ahead with doing what you want to do. All of those things are nice to have, and probably something you want to invest in down the line, but as of right now, are they needed for you to start? If there’s even an ounce of a “no” there, then you don’t need them to start.

Back to personal branding

If you have a understanding of your personal branding and a goal where you want to head (your story) you are pretty much set, really you are. The rest are things that can come in later. There should never be a rush to try and get good at everything at once. It’s better to master each skill at a time then missing the mark on all of them. While quality is great, and I’ve talked about this before, the amount of content you create is equally important. Letting people know that you have good value in the amount of content. Don’t mean you can just show up and do nothing, you still need to provide what it is you’re providing (if it’s entertainment, education etc.) Also I want you to remember that personal branding isn’t about having “gimmick” it’s about having a understanding of who you are, what your are about, where you are going and where you are.


You need to go all in on that one thing, that focus point, and not care about the rest until you feel you have reached the optimal point. Yes, in the beginning that’s going to be the hardest because it’s probably going to take a long time to get things going. But I can tell you right now that if you have something that can set you apart, make you memorable and break the norm you will get there. Don’t give up only because you feel you’re not getting more viewers fast enough. Instead look at it as you’re improving your streaming skills, your defining all of those aspects of your personal brand that when you move on the getting that next thing. Be it a new personal brand, a new camera, a new microphone you already have all the skills necessary to make that work with equipment you get.

When I work with my clients that don’t have the same amount of money to invest as a big streamer. I never advice them into getting things they don’t need. Even if they need something I advice them to get the best solution before the most expensive thing. It’s more important that it works for you then it’s expensive. Don’t go all in on investing money into equipment you don’t need but instead go all in on your skills, be it personal branding, talking, entertaining etc.

The takeaway: Focus on what makes you you, on what you’re the best at, on your content and on mastering each skill you set out to do. IF that don’t work then move on the next one.  Don’t focus on things you don’t need, on the time it takes and don’t get conflicted when you don’t see the results you had hoped for. It’s not all about growing you channel but letting you grow as a entertainer and a streamer.

A shorter article today. I’m finishing up a few projects today so I can have a fresh start to the new month. There’s going to be some very awesome things coming with some great new clients and new projects. Be ready to see even more of my stuff all over Twitch. To get little updates now and then follow me on @visiblespeech.



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