What to look for in a Twitch branding designer

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Twitch branding designer

This is an article originally written for GameWisp and that originally was part of my Twitch branding book. Since neither of those to are a reality at the moment I’ve decided to publish it right here. So here’s my article about finding a  Twitch branding designer.

Let me start by tell you who I am. My name is Daniel and I’ve been running LiveSpace for the past 5 years or so, and for the pat 3 years it’s been my full-time job. What’s LiveSpace? LiveSpace does professional Twitch branding and only that. I’ve worked from some of the biggest streamers in the world to those that just got started. I think that makes me a veteran Twitch branding designer.

In this article I wanted to go over how you find a designer for your Twitch branding. The things to look for and the things to avoid when it hiring someone to craft your Twitch branding identity.

Too many times have I worked with streamers that were disappointed with their previous Twitch branding designer or things they’ve haven’t been able to create themselves. This doesn’t always mean that the streamer went to a bad Twitch branding designer. It might mean that they didn’t have a grasp on who they are. However it can still can mean that the designer didn’t read the streamers personality/stream context correctly.

Don’t feel bad that you have to go out there and find someone that can do it better or that you’re putting your investment in the wrong place. Finding someone that can do your Twitch branding allows you to focus on what you do best, and that’s streaming, and let someone else focus on what they’re best at — Twitch branding.

Finding someone that does Twitch branding isn’t always the easiest thing in the world. What I’m going to try and do is to give you the best things to keep in the back of your head as you start looking. To be honest I might not be the right Twitch branding designer for you, but hopefully this article will guide you either to the right person for your Twitch channel. At the end of the day that’s the most important thing and not to stroke the ego of a designer.
I’m not going to talk about the investment part of it — since that needs to be it’s own article. With that out of the way we can focus on the things that actually going to allow you to get the best possible Twitch branding designer for you.

The most common way, and this is what I do when I want to take in an additional Twitch branding designer to the team, is to look at their portfolio and how suited it is for Twitch. If the portfolio has a bunch of different things that are not Twitch related or/and things that aren’t even design related, you can be pretty sure that they haven’t been able to figure out their own personal/business branding yet. After all we’re looking for a designer and not someone that does a bit of design, motion graphics, writing, programming and so on. We want someone that actually knows and understands what Twitch branding is and how to produce it for you. Not a machine that churns out as much as possible but someone that can create something lasting and individual.

We of course have to look at their previous clients. Are they all partnered? Are they non-partnered? Do you recognize anyone? But more importantly — can you see yourself in the produced work? Do they have a process that you can see yourself part of? Do they have case studies that give you insight into how they work and how they apply their process for the Twitch branding. Can you see that they have a grasp on not only what the client wants but what the client needs to progress forward.

After that we need to look if this is their main way of income or if it’s part-time. You can’t expect the same from someone that does it as a hobby or as a part-time side thing to put your project first in their life. Meanwhile someone that does it full-time allocates time to you and your branding. That does also mean there’s probably a larger difference in investment and that’s another thing we have to weight-in.

We can go with the one that can create something that can last for years or, the all too common, band-aid that will need to be changed over and over again. The brand-aid is a temporary fix for something that’s supposed to last for years. It also means that you’re going to reinvest over and over again until you can get the larger investment out of the way. That also means that you’re also going to end up paying more in the long run for buying band-aids than getting it done at once. With that said getting all done at this very moment isn’t for everyone. You might be early on in your streaming career and currently not see the value in the investment and that’s fine. What works for one person might not work for the next, and that’s also why we’re taking all these steps to find the right Twitch branding designer for you.

A Twitch branding designer should be able to advice you on what’s right and wrong for you all along the way. From first contact to the last message. While they’re there to make a living they’re not there to rob you. They want to have someone that they can rely on as much as you do. They don’t want to run into a client that won’t be a good client. This is at least what I do at LiveSpace.

If I can tell that someone is a new streamer or unsure I rather get them on the right path and test things out on their own before anything else. I also thoroughly go over their Twitch channel, social media and VOD’s. Then base it all around a 7 question contact form that allows me — and the streamer — to get more insight into who they are, ambitions, and their goals.

That takes us to one of the biggest, and most overlooked, parts of finding a Twitch branding designer. Questions! Yes we’re getting down to something as simple as them asking you questions. If they actually ask you questions to get to know you, your personality, wants, needs, and your audience better you’re on the right track on getting something special. Why is this important? It’s important since it means that they actually care about the outcome of things. They’re not only doing what they think is cool or what the latest trend might be. Instead they’re trying to figure out what’s going to work the best for you and for your brand. After all you’re not a company you’re a person, and that’s vastly different from another person. So if these questions aren’t asked to understand you, you might as well download a free template since it will hold as much personality as something produced by a designer that don’t ask questions about and isn’t able to understand you.

I hope you liked this article. I have a lot more where it came from so be prepared to learn a lot of stuff that I’ve been saving up.

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