What if I can’t have a “Twitch schedule”?

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I often talk about consistency and it’s effect on getting your streaming going. A time, a day a date and with that building trust and people will know that you’re serious about what you do. But what if there’s no way can have solid set Twitch schedule? There’s a lot of pressure out there about a Twitch schedule, and post on post that say get a Twitch schedule or me talking about consistency. Now I don’t think I can dispel the concept of it but one thing I missed to point out is that a Twitch schedule don’t have to manifest it self as a schedule with set dates. So what can you do?

You’re not alone!

You’re not alone on this, far from it, I read e-mail after e-mail about streamers having the very same issue. Often it’s a full-time job that is getting in the way so let’s focus a bit on that first. These are not rules to change your life by but take them as inspiration and apply what you think will work for you. After all you know your situation and life better than I do.

Set your priorities

It’s all about priorities right, if you know that you want to stream for a living or at least near that you might want to sacrifice a little of your time. I’m not saying to quit your job, but if it’s possible say no when they call you in, you have another commitment and that’s not a untrue statement you’re busy doing something important. For some that might not possible and that’s fine I’m going to go over a lot more things.

Think about it like this as well. You’re in a position where you can take certain risks since you have job, you can fail with safety net. Failing is an option and it’s a great option. Start a project and see where it goes, if it fails it fails, no one will care and you will learn what it’s like to start something. It will be a lot easier to start something new again. After all you can either stand still and get nowhere or start and get a better understanding of what works and what doesn’t. There’s no other way than to do, there’s no articles you can read that will give you the experience to succeed. I failed for years before I got anything back but never let the failure get above you, you need to stand above it.

As always you have to love it. You have to love it so much that you can do it for free for a long time. Sure you can have the money as a end goal if you feel like it, who am I to say what might and might not work for you in that case, however unless you have the persistence and love to do it for free you’ll burn yourself out really fast.

Can’t take certain job risks?

If there’s no way to say no, the next step is to figure out if there’s a cut off time for work. For instance if you’re never get called in after 8PM or before 10AM then you know that you always will be available at that time. Of course that means there will be sacrifices as well. You might need to not watch a episode of Games of Thrones or even have to miss out completely on a new TV show or any other form of time consuming things. Imagine if you took those hours you spent on things that isn’t important, that mobile game, that TV show etc. and applied them towards your stream instead. I know that free time is vital to feeling well, however that’s up to you, if you NEED that then do that but if you don’t need it and instead you want to invest that time into your stream then you do that.

It’s hard work, there’s no if or but about that and there have to be certain sacrifices when you do both.

Re-thinking the “Twitch schedule”

A Twitch schedule is an important thing right, that’s what everyone says at least, and while yes it is. What I’ve said it’s the CONSISTENCE that’s key. Actually having schedule and not being consistent will screw you over more, you will loose trust. As I’ve written before a schedule don’t mean 5 times a week it can mean 1 or 2 or 3. Consistence don’t mean daily, it means you deliver good content at a set time at set intervals. How to be consistent without a Twitch schedule? Branding. Yes branding can give you a sense of consistency. Of curse depends on how you brand yourself. If you brand yourself if you brand yourself. It can be as simple as the times a week you stream, to the stream name, specific stream “shows” or even just how you brand yourself on social media.

Let’s say your brand would be as simple as you have one or two days set that you know that you always will be there. Then that’s your consistency, make the best of those moments and then on top of that you can stream whenever you want. But as long as you pour everything into the consistent shows/streams you’re doing something, and doing something is better than doing nothing.

You need to be on board with your own decision don’t let someone else dictate what works for you. You know what will work for you. A 7 times a week, 8 hours a day approach might not be what works for you. Only because one thing worked for someone else DON’T mean that the exact same thing will work for you. At the end of the day you need to enjoy what you do and if pulling yourself to stream each day don’t give you a better stream then don’t.

Following outside of Twitch

Another way, or an additional way, is to build your following outside of Twitch. If you’re able to build your following on Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat, Facebook etc. you won’t need to have a schedule, while yes it might help to get newer followers specifically on Twitch it won’t matter as much since your getting viewers from other places than Twitch. None of those social medias are based around schedule bur rather having something random and kind of exclusive. You can see it with YouTubers or other famous people that come to Twitch, they don’t have a Twitch schedule or need one since they already have a following outside of that. They didn’t randomly fall into being famous, they worked for that and if someone want a following outside of Twitch they need to work on that as well. What that is, well that’s up to what you’re ready to do and have time for and what your brand is.

Others that don’t believe in you?

Alright so this is very trick one, not being supported by either family, friends or a significant other. It won’t really be possible to get too deep into the entire thing since it’s something that’s different from person to person. What I can say is that if you treat it like as a business, a profession or anything else that isn’t just “it’s just for fun”, something that is just for fun have no need for consistency or any serious implication. If others can see that it’s not just for fun but actually something that you are dedicated to, I feel and part of me know, that it will be taken seriously. I know that a lot of people say it first became serious when people saw that there was money there. I do however think that it’s not all about that, but it’s an attitude that you give off, sure money is an easy way to show on black and white that this is more than “just fun”. But if YOU have the right attitude and approach people will see that it’s something you’re passionate, serious and committed about.

I want to thank everyone that have brought up the topic with me before and I hope that it gave everyone something to think about. Again these are my ideas and my thoughts on the topic, you don’t have to take them at face value, instead think about them, think about who you are, your content and then apply the parts that you feel fit with you.

This entire article is inspired by a e-mail I got, and other e-mails I’ve gotten over the last few months. If you want more of this stuff there’s new articles every Monday and Thursday, you can also follow me on Twitter to get updates and additional information @visiblespeech Oh and yeah there’s a new podcast episode out tomorrow with Twitch Alerts, they reveal some interesting stuff they were saving for TwitchCon to announce be you can hear a little about it here first!



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