Value value value. Providing said value on Twitch for Millennials

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I recently saw someone mention that being entertaining is the key on Twitch. While it’s true it still misses the point. The point being it’s all about value. Be it entertainment value, educational value or whatever other value you might be providing.

Let’s Get Real, with Value

Great valueA lot of Twitch are aiming for a demographic within the millennial generation. That’s also the place you should look to understand how do position yourself on Twitch but also how you easily can de-construct how some Twitch channels have risen, even if themselves have no idea why it happened. How many times haven’t you heard a streamer answer the question “how they made it” with “I don’t know… being myself”. The truth is most streamers have no idea and that’s fine, it have already happened for them, not by accident, they gave the right value, at the right time to the right demographic.

At the end of the day it’s value and any value. It’s not all about entertainment, and I’m going to go into a few other points below that also works, it’s also something as simple as education. If you look at popular streams they are providing either one of those or both, or mixing between the two of them. That’s also what you hear millennials mention all the time “I’m watching this stream to learn” or “this person is funny”, of course there’s more to it, as I mention below, but it’s a start. It’s a gateway to getting more viewers, more opportunities, build trust and giving value.

A Few Pointers on Millennials

  • Millennials see through your bullshit like no others. That’s it for that pointer. There’s no need for anymore, if you’re putting on face, be it that you’re trying to be another streamer that “are themselves” well then you’re trying to be them and not follow your own goals (stay inspired by their STORY but create your OWN).
  • Why isn’t your Twitch content getting any views? Why isn’t things you doing working? Why don’t your marketing work? Your demographic is to broad, ALWAYS niche down and grow from there and not the other way around. But wait there’s more! You’re not being useful or helpful. You know what useful and helpful is? It’s value, if you’re able to provide value you’re tipping the scale in your favor. If you’re not giving anyone anything, and NO just showing up isn’t enough, you’re not going to get anything back.
  • This is going to be harsh, but it’s real. If your content still isn’t working it’s boring and stupid. Our generation puts value on time both yours and their own. That means that spending time on something that isn’t giving them anything, like your content being boring and stupid, you’re taking away their time that they can spend on something else. You have now instead of given value taken away time, and time=money=value.
  • Want them to share you content? Create something they care about, funny or thought provoking. My metrics on this blog tells me that you guys share content directly to your friends (THANK YOU SO MUCH!) As much as 97% of visitors to my sites (both the blog and my services) are coming through direct links and not through social media or Reddit. Why? I’m creating content with value, content that everyone on Twitch can relate to and content that is thought provoking… or at least that’s what I’m hoping/trying to do, you don’t feel weird sharing it because you feel you’re giving value to the one you’re giving the link to, you can actually tip the favor scale by sharing my content is what I’m trying to say 😉 There you have some transparency from me on my content.


As always there’s a lot more happening and changing everyday around our generation each day. Don’t see these things as definitive and don’t see them as all that’s out there. I’m going thought a Swedish study about “Youth and Media” and “Parents and Media”, hopefully have a write-up on that as well soon.

Killing it with short articles, is that good or bad? I’m going to add a question form, that way asking questions is easier than having to have Twitter. I’m also going to re-design this blog so I can highlight articles of mine that I feel always should be at hand. What else… hmm… A friend of mine has a fear of public speaking and over the last year I’ve been helping her lose that, I used to fear it as well but it kind of just stopped when I was doing rhetoric and debate at school. Anyway I thought it was a good idea a few weeks ago to start reading Scott Berkun’s book “Confessions of a Public Speaker”, and it’s awesome. Even if you don’t have a fear of public speaking it’s a very interesting read. Should I do a write up on it? Yeah, maybe, probably… also follow me on Twitter @visiblespeech



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