Utilize your past experiences and skills on Twitch

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This is the era post the first TwitchCon and this is the first non-case study post after TwitchCon. I hope that the panels got you thinking, but I won’t stop thinking and won’t sharing my ideas and thoughts so here we go with today’s topic.

I’m going to keep this short, I say that but I knew know how long it will end up being, and the one thing I wanted to talk about is past experience and skills. The research is from e-mails sent to me from streamers that are starting out or are trying to grow the channels. One thing that I’ve noticed is how streamers tend to want to have a “fresh start”, now that’s not a bad thing in itself BUT I’ve noticed that nothing from the past is being kept alive.

Yes, for some all of this might be obvious but it’s evident that there are those that are getting lost in all the advice from streamers and only end up not being themselves and instead trying to be someone else. Instead aim to improve yourself as a streamer and not try to copy what someone else have already done.

Don’t loose yourself in the stream

Utilize your past experiences and skills on Twitch

…in the stream

I’ve seen a trend where streamers are so focused on being a streaming, in the sense of just being a streamer, that everything they’ve learnt in their life before is not used. I’m bringing this up since it’s sad to see, what you’ve been through, experienced and learnt over the years before streaming is what shapes you into you. If you’re truly trying to “be yourself” then why are you trying to start over? Think about it, if everyone follows a set path or guidelines to success on Twitch everything becomes generic and boring. A few people brought it up during TwitchCon, but it’s a hard nut to crack when the way success have come to the panelist already have made it. You should be inspired by their stories but not take them as facts.

Why do I bring all of this up? I’ve seen people miss the mark on what their target audience could be or what their hook could be. Only because they’re almost afraid to “be themselves” and instead try to be the version of a streamer that is expected from them or what they’ve heard from big streamers. Streamer that have contacted me say they have no idea what their concept, hook, target audience etc could be but then on the next question in my form they outline exactly what it could be. I actually urge anyone that reads this to actually fill in the form, you don’t need to send it (unless you want to talk business), and I promise that if you sit down and analyze the answers you’ve written down you’ll be able to see your stream in a new light. The form is constructed to figure those things out. While you don’t get my input from doing it on your own I’m sure it will still be a benefit to do it.

Enter the Stream Motivation

Utilize your past experiences and skills on Twitch

I’m having way too much fun doing these…

If you have a background in video editing, use it and not only to edit videos you can do other things as well. If you have a background in management then manage your stream and help others manage their stream. The thing is that everything you did before is not wasted, it’s not a failure on your path to being a streamer. There are no such thing as a failure when you stand above it and don’t get buried under it. Play to your strengths, go all-in on your strengths, and those strengths aren’t just streaming or knowledge around streaming. It’s everything you’ve learnt in life up to this point.

I would have been good at what I do unless I had a solid background in graphic design, motion graphics, print design, film, TV and I sure as hell wouldn’t have all the knowledge unless I had actually done those things and taken away lessons from each failure in those field. Yes I failed, I failed plenty of times before I ended up here. I made a short movie that was a failure, but I got to lead a 12 man team and organize it. I’ve written scripts that are collecting dust but that haven’t stopped me from getting better at writing a story or stopped me from writing. I failed with motion graphics because I didn’t understand the market, but I learned the market and I kept applying each new thing I learned along the way up until this point. That’s why I know what’s right, not because I read it in a book (well sometimes that as well) but because I experienced the other side of the coin.

So don’t feel as if the world is against you when you loose a viewer or only get 1 viewer. I talk to someone at TwitchCon that had gotten 20 people in their channel at one point. That’s impressive, just think how many showed up to your birthday part as a kid you would be in a freaking bliss if 20 people showed up. This time they showed up to your channel and it wasn’t even your birthday. That’s impressive. Even if it’s only 1 viewer that’s a lot more than 0. Even if it’s 0 you’re doing something, you’re not sitting on around waiting for a miracle and instead you’re actually creating something. That’s really awesome.

Failure isn’t an option, and that’s because failure isn’t a bad thing and not because it doesn’t exist.

Yeah this actually ended up being super short, but more than this isn’t actually needed for this topic. Instead I gave you some homework. Do the form thing and let me know, either in the comment section or on Twitter (@visiblespeech) , what you found out! 

Hopefully I’ll have Stream Hatchet on tomorrow for a interview for the podcast, but not sure yet. If not then I’ll talk a bit about the “intro video” and dynamic overlays why it’s bad in many cases, how to fix it and general thoughts on them. Was going to write about it but it’s really hard to write down descriptions of moving things so I’ll try using spoken words instead.

On Thursday I’ll have the breakdown of the Fandom: Destiny overlay. If that’s a thing you like then you can look forward to that.




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