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Using crowdfunding for Twitch (GameWisp & Patreon)

By 7 April, 2016 No Comments

You’ve seen the Twitch panels linking to GameWisp or Patreon, on both big and small streamers profile page. You might have checked either of them out or listened to the podcast that I had with GameWisp. No matter what I suspect that you’ve heard about their service. What it comes down to is that it’s crowdfunding at a subscription level.

I know I’m simplifying the structure that you’ve built around your awards/tiers or whatever you want to call them. However I’m doing that since a lot of people out there are really going about it the wrong way and not really understanding how to properly create something around these services.

The mistakes that are made

Before we can start to breakdown solutions to the issues at hand we need to look at the issues. One of the most common mistakes out there are that streamers are treating these services as if it’s the same as a Twitch subscription. Let’s get it clear that it’s completely different and you can use them both simultaneously when you do it right. The benefits of Twitch subscription is the emoticons, in some cases VODs and other locked items comes with it as well. Now when you use something like GameWisp subscribers actually get benefits from it and you can even setup alerts for it with different services or their own.

Another pretty common mistake that is a bit harder to adjust for is that most streamers offers no real value in their awards. There’s actually incentive to be a apart of that subscription model. With a Twitch subscription you get a clear advantage a sub-badge and site-wide emotes but when we look at a lot of streamers award offers the pale in comparison. These services isn’t a replacement for Twitch subscription but rather a way to offer more value to your viewers and even give them an option to give more. But in turn you have to give something to them that’s either is or feels as it has more or equal value.

Let’s say a streamer offers some type of value there’s often the issue of it not being relevant to the brand. Allow me to simplify this with a a shitty kickstarter campaign, and let’s face it this is a subscription based kickstarter. Let’s say there’s a short horror film being made by a fairly unknown and one of the awards is to go and see a ballet performance with the director. Now even if that’s cool that you might get to interact with the director, that should already be something that they should be able to do. The director isn’t locked away in a small box until he’s needed for the next short film and should instead be very engaging and interacting with the audience anyway. The main problem here is that the ballet has no relevance to the horror film being put together AND that’s the problem that keeps on coming up with Twitch streamers. The same thing can be said for a lot of awards offered by Twitch streamers on GameWisp and Patreon. They have no relevance to the streamer or the brand being presented by the streamer.

How do we fix this?

First things first GameWisp and Patreon can be used to give those that want to go in at a higher monthly rate than your Twitch subscription a good starting point without you having to build your own custom system for that, GameWisp more so than Patreon. Don’t split your attention between both pick one and focus on that one and make it the best one possible instead of going in 50% on each. 

Now on to fixing the problems that I laid out above. What it all comes down to is “What’s your value proposal?”, “Who is it for?” and “What’s the relevance?”.

“What’s your value proposal?”, “Who is it for?” and “What’s the relevance?”.

Those are the three simple question that you need to ask yourself to be able to start addressing the above issues. There’s no spreadsheets or data analytics that will help you here. This is pure intuition and the guts to go for what you know is right for you and your community.

To add a few words to the relevance issue. The fact is that branding is becoming more and more a standard part of the Twitch streamers arsenal. Not the “we made you a logo/overlay” type of branding but the actual thought out proper way branding works. As that branding grows stronger and stronger to be able to standout from a otherwise saturated market (the market isn’t saturated if you de-saturate it). Your rewards, tiers (or whatever you want to call them) has to reflect that as well to not fall outside of that brand. Now we can talk all day about how a brand is supposed to evolve and not paint you into a corner but I’ll save that for another day.


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