Using a clear message to “sell” your Twitch channel

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Let’s get one thing right and it’s that the word selling ins’t a bad word. It’s gotten a bad word since a lot of people are doing some bad things around it. However in itself selling is what you want to be doing when it comes to your channel. I don’t mean selling it for monetary value or selling merchandise. I’m talking about selling the idea, fun or concept behind your Twitch channel to the viewers.

The simplicity of a clear message

One thing that I think a lot of streamers are missing is the simplicity and how clear the message they’re putting out there can and should be. It’s simple people don’t want to read a manual on how to understand or how to care about your channel. We make up our minds on the stop based on what we like and our past experiences with similar things. If you’re able to clearly communicate with branding and if you’re aware of what the message is you can reach more people and reach them faster.

I can tell you that you’re selling your channel every time. It’s true, the different is that some knows that they’re doing and doing it with that clear message or you’re doing it but you have no idea that your’e doing it. It’s when you can switch to being conscious of it that you can be a lot more effective in your selling. When you have that clear message for people to take action you’re going to be a lot more effective.

I’ve seen a lot of streamers that have a simple call-to-action that pops up on screen to follow the channel or follow on Twitter. There’s a good side and a bad side to this. The good is that it’s not constantly on there. Since the more call-to-actions you have the less effective they’re going to get. Even if you have a clear message you’re giving people multiple options and you’re doing it over and over again without any purpose behind it.

The good is that you can make it even better! When we’re talking about dynamic overlays we’re able to use chat commands, global hotkeys or dashboards to trigger events instead of relying on a timer. Instead of every 10-15 minutes you have a pop-up you or your moderators can trigger the event at appropriate time. Instead of it showing up during a cut scene you have it after a epic, funny, a break or after an interesting moment. That creates a hook and a reason for that call-to-action. If it’s show during a bad time the first time but a good time the second time, the first time is still going to be in the back of their head.

Why does a clear message work?

So how will having a clear message help you sell your channel to your audience? When you have a clear message you can get across faster to the audience that actually want to watch you and the ones that actually want to be part of your community.

I often hear very lofty ideas about peoples audiences. The most common one is “people that want to have fun”, while it’s a great mindset to have that you want to create such a space. The problem is that it describes almost everyone, how many do you know that don’t want to have fun? With a clear message across your branding and what you say and what you do will allow for a faster connection. With that comes a faster point where people can share it with others. What do you share with your friends? Do you share things that you can’t really put words to easily? Or do you share things that you actually can explain in only a few words?

If you’re able to describe yourself and your channel in a sentence or two and you project to the audience. That audience in turn can easily understand and therefor share it and explain it easily to others. The easier path to sharing without options the faster the right message will be spread. For instance if you’re putting out a unclear message that then get shared and that person likes that but gets something different, you’re going to have someone that’s disappointed. That person might have liked what it really was about but if they feel as if they’ve been mislead you’ll lose someone instead of gaining someone.

Why is it selling?

At the end of the day we’re selling people on the idea that our channel is great or that our concept is great or even that we, ourselves, are great. You can only sell that you believe in, that’s “be yourself” is a big mantra, and you can only sell what others can understand clearly.

When you’re at IKEA and you have no idea what the Bjorn will do for you or what function it will fill, you’re not going to buy it! But if we know that Bjorn is a chair that’s comfortable and good for your back, well then I’m sold if I’m looking for that. That’s what sells something and the same can be applied to your channel by changing a few things.

Who is it for? Why should they have it? Is it a must have or need to have? Where can you find them?


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