TwitchCon panels you should go and see

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As you might know I’m attending TwitchCon and I’m also on a panel but that dosen’t stop me from attending as many other panels as possible. In this article I’m going to go over the ones that I’m going to attend and those that you should try to catch. These are all going to be from the perspective of branding, marketing and growing your Twitch channel, however I’m also going to attend some that friends and clients are on.

September 30

It look as if the following panels will only be for partners, media and industry. They’ll be broadcaster on Twitch but I’m not sure about the industry ones (I’ll try to make it to them and give you some insight in post-TwitchCon articles).

11.00 AM

Protecting Yourself on the Internet (Streamer Edition)

While it might not be a panel about a topic that I’m familiar with it’s something that new streamers should take a look at. I’m not 100% sure I’ll attend it myself but I might check it out if I have time and are there on time. There’s no Twitch link for this so not 100% if it will be broadcaster or not but they’re doing the same panel later in the day for the public as well.

12:30 PM

!permit: Tips and Tricks for Better Chat

This time slot should be interesting since there’s two very interesting panels.  Hopefully they’re pretty close to each other so I can run between them if there’s a need for that. However the only real reason why I’m going to prioritize this panel above the other is from a business stand point. Understanding the issues that exits with chat and hearing about those will allow me to figure out ways to solve them. For us that specialize in solving these type of issues it’s information that can be worth a lot to a business.

Podcasting on Twitch: How to Grow Your Community

This is the first panel that really should speak the the readers of my articles. While it’s not strictly about growing your stream but rather using podcasting on Twitch to grow your community it’s still going to be an interesting panel that you should try to catch.

2:00 PM


Here we go! This is the time when the convention center opens for everyone! There’s really no reason to no be here during the keynote and hopefully they’ll announce some of the new features that they’ve talked about behind closed doors.

3:00 PM

INDUSTRY: Twitch 101: How to Work with Broadcasters

This is one of those industry only panels that looks as if they won’t be broadcasted. Hopefully I can get in with my partner badge and get relay some information back to you!

3:30 PM

Protecting Yourself on the Internet (Streamer Edition)

If I’m correct this will be the broadcasted version of the same panel earlier in the day. If I’m at the one in the morning I’m not going to be here for this one.

4:00 PM

When to Make the Switch To Grow Your Audience

This panel makes sense in so many ways and should hopefully be an interesting one for everyone that are still worried about switching games or what game to go for. I hope that they’ll touch on that it’s a different playing field today then it was 3 years ago and also that they bring up how that can connect back to your branding.

4:30 PM

INDUSTRY: Creating Great Content, One Segment at a Time

Another industry only panel while there’s a meet and greet going on. Again this is of course mostly from a business standpoint that it’s going to be interesting but hopefully I’ll be able to get in and relay information that’s interesting back to you.

5:00 PM

What is Twitch “Science”?!

Another business thing for me and hopefully something interesting for streamers as well. Data is something that I’ve often used to be able to see where trends are headed and how I can predict the future. This is taking that to the next level so I’m for sure going to be here and check out what they have to say.

5:30 PM

Why Are Regulars More Important than Views/Followers?

There’s not a lot of information here on the TwithCon website but it’s a topic I’ve covered before and something I stand by still. I’ll probably take a look at this panel if I’m not away eating food somewhere or having a beer/drink. Nonetheless you should probably try to check out the panel and see if it’s anything for you but from what it sounds it’s pretty much my articles on the topic made into a panel.

6:00 PM

Did You Deduct That? Your U.S. Tax Deductions as a Streamer

If you’re in the US you should go and check this panel out. I’m neither a streamer nor a US resident so I’m not going to be at this panel but probably instead meeting up with friends, if you see me stop me and say hi.

7:00 PM

Diversify Twitch

An interesting panel for me personally but I doubt it’s going to be a lot about growing your audience or marketing… even if the potential is there to do a lot of really cool things. The reason I’m putting this here is since I might go there if time allows.

Where’s Waldo: Creating Your Unique Space in a Sea of Sameness

This sounds like my articles rolled into yet another panel so make sure to check it out. They’re supposed to cover a lot about branding, personal branding etc. so make sure to sharpen your questions and get them ready. I’ll probably head to this panel as soon as possible since I do want to hear what they have to say.

7:30 PM

Streamability: How Games Succeed on Twitch

Probably not a stream for everyone but should be a lot of good information from a business standpoint for me so you can count on me being there. It’s interesting how games studios have started to understand that there’s a aspect of gaming that has to appeal to streamers. There’s far from every game that is easily streamed and specially when it’s only local co-op for instance or a ton of other things.

10:00 PM

POLE: How to TwitchStart Your Creative Endeavor

A big gap between this and the previously recommended panel but for me this is a very cool topic. I used to work in film, went to school for it and even lectured one class in marketing a film so I really want to hear what they have to say. For you it should still be a very interesting approach to it and something that can be pplied to a lot of creative things besides film.



October 1

10:00 AM

Up Your Game: Making Your Mark Through The Ups And Downs

Should be a great panel about figuring out who you are and how to use that to network. These are of course things I’ve written about before and I don’t really expect anything new but if I’m at the convention center at this time I’ll check it out.

10:30 AM

Gaming Talent: Building Your Brand to Maximize Opportunities and Longevity

With djWheat on the panel this is going to be a great panel. Not only about how you can better connect with business but also how you can keep your stream going for a long time, we all have bills to pay and food that we have to buy after all.

11:30 AM

Dropped Frames

This has nothing to do with this blog besides I have to go check out the streamer that gave me my first break and still is a client 4 years and running.

12:00 PM

INDUSTRY: Next Big Game: What Broadcasters Play

Now this is from a business perspective very interesting to me. This is a question that I’ve been thinking about for awhile now and I’ve started to write articles on it but never really put it all together into one. Hopefully this panel will allow my brain to take that last step towards finalizing the article. This is a industry panel so it’s not broadcaster but hopefully my partner pass can get me in (?).

1:00 PM

The Streams of Production

I have to be here… I mean I’m on the panel and going to be talking about what it’s been like to be a graphic designer behind the scene. Being that I’m one of very few that can do this full time and do it well I want you to get ready with as many questions as possible for me. I better see you there!

2:30 PM

Build Your Audience without Getting GG’ed by IP and the Law

I can see this be a vital panel for a lot of streamers out there. In terms of overlays and logos alone I’ve seen too many streamers that violate at least 2-5 IP and as you grow and as Twitch grows companies aren’t going to turn a blind eye to making money on their IP.

Get Developers Fired Up For Your Stream!

Every panel don’t have to be about growing your audience to viewers but also getting the attention from developers. Having a good connection with developers you’ll be able to take your brand to a new level if you’re only streaming that game (or if it’s your main game) or having connections with several developers as well for that matter can allow you to get access to Alpha builds and more.

4:30 PM

INDUSTRY: The Art of Advertising on Twitch

This is something I’ve been interested in learning more about so I’m going to see if my partner badge allows me to get into this panel. Why am I interested? Well I do have some interesting future plans that I’m not 100% ready to share yet but as soon as I’ve started to figure it all myself I’ll start to share more with you.

5:30 PM

TwitchCon: The Party

Yeeeees! Last year was great and I’m expecting this year to be even better. I better you see you here as well! I got a VIP pass but I’ll for sure hang out with some friends that don’t have VIP pass as well!



October 02

10:00 AM

Mobile Gaming & Twitch

If I’m awake (after the TwitchCon Party) I’ll check this out mainly since I’m interested in hearing about what’s going on in the mobile scene. It’s something that I’ve been thinking about a lot but there just isn’t any big mobile streamers on Twitch (unless you count Pokemon GO). And with Pokemon Go there’s probably going to follow a lot games that should peak streamers interest.

10:30 AM

Transitioning from VOD to LIVE

I’ve worked with a lot YouTubers and we’ve often discussed the transition that they’ve had to made. I’ve always listened to them but I want to know more about it from everyone so I can get going on a more in-depth article on the topic.

INDUSTRY: The Rise of Influencer Marketing on Twitch

I love marketing so it should come as no surprise that this is a panel I will attend and try to get as much information out of as possible. Hopefully I’ll connect with some great marketers there as well to get my networking skills going.

11:30 AM

Social Media and You: How to Grow & Maintain a Fanbase

Should be obvious why you as a read of my articles should attend this panel. I’ve written tons of articles on the topic but it’s always good to get more point of views so I’m going to go there and check it out.

The Fine Print of Streaming: Managing Legal, Taxes, & Finance

While I’m not going to attend this panel I think it’s important to cover this. While the legal and taxes are different all over the world I do hope that they touch on handling finances as well.

12:00 PM

INDUSTRY: Twitch RPG – A Deep Dive into the Twitch User

Data, data and more data! I love to hear what they’ve collected and how I can use it to build my business up even more. There have been a lot of these industry panels this year not sure what to think about it at the moment. I’ll cover it in my post-TwitchCon wrap-up.

2:30 PM

How to Get Sponsored When You Aren’t That Big… Yet

Great panel that you should attend. We’ve all struggled with trying to figure out how to pay the rent and put food on the table while we struggle to build an audience or in my case a business. You’re never too small to hunt down sponsors (and I’m not talking those shitty ones) and use that to actually grow your stream faster.

3:00 PM

Characters Welcome

I often mention FutureManGaming in my articles so it should come as no surprise that I recommend this panel. Characters on Twitch have become a bigger thing over the past year and while most have taken a step back in terms of how much of that character they play I think there’s a lot of space there that haven’t been explored well enough yet.

4:00 PM

9 to 5 to 9: How To Balance Your Time

This is panel that you need to attend as well. A lot of my readers are doing this as a hobby right now and are balancing real life and Twitch life. I myself have balanced school and Twitch and job and Twitch until I decided to go full Twitch. I want to hear more about this stuff since I need to better understand how the current struggle is so I can write a article on it eventually.

Managing Broadcasters’ Twitch Communities

Brant is one of those manager that you hear a lot about and he also runs a blog (that’s down at the moment) but when it’s back you should check it out. I think I’ve talked about moderation before (be it in articles or on podcasts) and as Twith grows there’s going to be opportunities to be a B-player as a manger as well as you might need a manger yourself, even if it’s not a professional one.

4:30 PM

Monetizing Your Stream Without Losing Your Voice

The last panel that I want to recommend should be great. Monetizing a stream might sound a bit far away but the truth is that it’s just around the corner. However that corner is filled with pitfalls that can bury you by diluting your brand. If that’s something that you’ve ever wondered about this is the panel for you.

Awesome! 15 days away and I’m getting everything in order to get going. I have to fly for 22 hours… so that’s going to feel great when I land. Anyway now you know what panels I’ll be at so come and find me and say hello.

If you want to know why I’m attending TwtichCon and why I, of all people, get to talk on a panel? You should check out the box below or check out my Twitch Services right away.




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