TwitchCon 2017, What to Watch?

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This year I’m not going to TwitchCon. Since I don’t have a panel this year I personally don’t see the value benefit of going. But that dosen’t mean that you won’t or for that matter that if you stay at home you have to miss anything. I would say that you probably would miss more of the panels by being there than at home.

So I’m going to list the panels and workshops that I feel align with this blog. There’s a lot more on there that you for sure could check out. But these are the ones that readers from this blog should/will enjoy.

It’s Dangerous to Go Full-Time! Take This Business Advice

Friday @ 1:30 PM

As someone that once did decided to do this very thing full-time, not just in time but financially, there’s a lot of things that go into such a decision. Not only is there a “oh I can survive on this” but also everything from a social aspect to looking at what comes after it.

As the description says, this is for sure a panel that you should check out even if you’re far from doing it full-time today. It’s more about having the understanding when it’s time to do so.

Beyond Waldo: Strengthening Your Brand and Engaging Your Community

Friday @ 4:30 PM

Branding! Yes there’s at least one panel this year that will touch on it. While it’s not visual branding but rather how to find your personal brand.

I do find it interesting that this is more of a workshop than just a panel. While I have not heard about any of the people on the panel I hope that they’ll give some valuable information. I will for sure dissect as many panels as possible after TwitchCon is over to see what lived up to the hype what what didn’t.

We Want YOU to Be a Character Streamer 

Friday @ 7:30 PM

The character steamer have been a thing for awhile now. It’s been an interesting thing to see as it have been defined and altered a few times already. I think it’s fairly safe to say that it will keep going through changes in the future as well.

Since I do have the chance to talk to a few character streamers (including one that’s on the panel) I can for sure say that it’s going to be interesting to listen to. There’s not that much information on the page but the topic is interesting. I will keep an eye open and get back to you with information about it after TwitchCon.

… I’m even expecting people to cosplay as certain character streamers this year.

Streaming and Social Media

Saturday @ 12:00 PM

No matter if you’re at TwitchCon or at home watching it THIS should be THE panel to watch.

You know how much I’ve written about social media and how much I advocate for finding the one that works for you. I’m 100% sure that you’re going to hear a lot things from this blog being repeated. I think that’s great since the more people that talk about it the more it will be common knowledge.

Remember that once things are common knowledge there’s huge gab to be filled with content that stands out from that.

Play Your Character, Not The Game

Saturday @ 1:30 PM

I recently gotten to work and talk with streamers that, either are or have been doing, the role-playing streamer thing.

The same way that character streamers made an impact once it caught on. We now have RP streamers becoming a thing.

With mods and probably even game devs looking at the category it won’t surprise me if certain games don’t add in a RP feature.

Designing Your Own Twitch Labels and Chat Bots

Sunday @ 2:00 PM

Finally I do want to highlight this panel. There’s not that much information about it on the official website. Right now it actually only shows one person on that panel but my hopes is that there’s more there on the day.

The reason why I want to highlight it is because it’s such a unique and interesting thing. I’ll be watching and learning for sure. I do believe that the future of streaming comes with understanding coding or at least understanding the capabilities of it. Something you can already see in the design work that I do and also in StreamEvolve moving forward.

If you want to talk about the panels as they happen with other people that want to learn and grow you need to head to my Discord channel

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