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This Twitch Town Hall was filled with the word “community”. A word that, if you read my articles, shouldn’t sound unfamiliar. I’ve been talking about the community not only as a place but as a way to grow by using tribe, community and so on. I also mentioned it in my 2017 prediction post and it looks as if we can already check things of the list. If you didn’t see the PAX South Twitch Town Hall I’ve embedded the video below so you can check it out.


Moving into 2017

One thing that they mentioned as Community pages. For the creative section this is nothing new. They’ve been around for awhile and been tested in the Creative section. The Creative section in it’s own is a testing ground for new features, since it’s a small scale Twitch. However that dosen’t mean that they can go Creative > Release. They’ll go the proper route and start the beta in February 2017.

Communities will allow you to grow

You often hear streamers, and specially small streamers, say that Twitch is oversaturated or that a game is over saturated. This is mostly false since it’s up to you to differentiate yourself from the masses. If you want to do exactly what everyone is else doing then sure it’s over saturated. But you decided to do that and not anyone else.

The truth is that it’s up to you to create community around yourself. This however is Twitch giving you a even more clear way and a more clear way to be discovered. In a sense these communities are sub-genres of genres or gen sub-genres of games. And if you want to go back to basics they’re smaller tribes. Again something that I’ve been talking about for a very long time. These are smaller niches to speaks to a certain group. It’s in there that you can and hopefully will find your future community.

What you could do

Well discoverability is now going to be at an all time high. It will mean a lot more potential attention that will go your way. That also means that you need to have a better understanding of your content moving forward. In large that means your brand and your target audience. Knowing these things will maximize the potential attention and convert it to engagement. Knowing the community you want to belong to and perhaps even the community that you want to run will be a valuable resource.

Alright it’s Monday and today I got all my taxes done and paid. On Friday they’re installing the fiber box so that’s going to be cool. Not sure if it will work right away so I’ll have to see about that.

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