Twitch re-tweeting services are bad

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I recently saw a post on another site that said proclaimed that a great way of reaching people are using re-tweeting services. The truth is that it’s not. The truth is that this technique is old as dirt. The truth is Twitch re-tweeting services are bad. It’s a marketing technique from the 20th century. It’s mass marketing in a world where mass marketing isn’t a thing and haven’t been a thing.

Shitty marketers with shitty arguments

The argument for it is that companies use it and they themselves use and that you get views from it. All of those arguments are true but at the same time they’re bad arguments. Companies that use these old techniques them haven’t adapted to the 21st century yet and even less so where we are right now, be it economical reasons or be it that it’s become a part of their company religion. No matter what it’s a bad practice that every successful company that can and are willing are moving away from.

What about using them and getting views? It’s to the same effect running naked through your town will get you attention but will it get you the right attention? If your concept if “every Monday I’m going to run through the town naked” you’re doing it right but if you’re doing anything else you’re not getting the right attention at the right time.

Interruption marketing is bulls###!

This type of marketing is called interruption marketing. It’s one of those super shitty ways to doing marketing that we all hate and it has the same effect on us as pre-roll ads on a short YouTube clip. People might see but people don’t care and even go so far as to try and block it out. We all  have built in ad-block in our minds and we keep using that ignore function over and over again.

Seth Godin (leading minds in marketing) outlined interruption marketing… in 2008… as being bad by saying:

The Interruption Marketer buys an extremely expensive suit. New shoes. Fashionable accessories. Then, working with the best databases and marketing strategists, selects the demographically ideal singles bar.

Walking into the singles bar, the Interruption Marketer marches up to the nearest person and proposes marriage. If turned down, the Marketer repeats this process on every person in the bar.

If the Marketer comes up empty-handed after spending the entire evening proposing, it is obvious that the blame should be placed on the suit and the shoes. The tailor is fired. The strategy expert who picked the bar is fired. And the Interruption Marketer tries again at a different singles bar.

This is one part of re-tweeting services. I’m not talking about being re-tweeted, that’s great and natural, re-tweeting services are far from being natural and works against you in the long run. What you’re going to get are bloated numbers that don’t mean anything at all. Gary Veynerchcuk adds:

Reach does not equal value and follower count doesn’t mean people are listening. We need to stop focusing on optimizing the number of views and instead concentrate on making each one of those viewers care about your brand. Because, at the end of the day, that’s the only way you’ll drive results to your end goal.

Let’s add even more to that in that Gary have talked about noise on Twitter since 2008. Do you know what using a re-tweeting service does? It adds noise and we don’t need or get anything from noise.

Looking towards the future

It’s sad that some of marketers that come to Twitch are still living in the past are still operating today. I do also understand that they are stuck in that old mindset from them working with that type of marketing at a company. However YOU as a Twitch streamer need to be careful when dealing with someone that dosen’t have a track record on marketing and it get’s tricky when parts  of what they’re saying are true but they also present some of the most horrible pitfalls there are.

My advice is that you choose to who and when and why you listen to certain marketers or people. Even when it comes to me! I like to speak from the heart, I hope you know that, and I like to go out there and solve problems. I’m not afraid to get my hands dirty and I’m not afraid to speak my mind. Sometimes I say things that are a bit crazy that no one else have said before. It’s not to be cool or go against the stream it’s because I know that plenty of times we need to break the rules and we need to look at things from a different angle. There are better and new ways to do certain things around Twitch. If we all stopped and just repeated what everyone else are doing we would never have had things like NerdFusion (what’s up Zevadus? You need to send me a new e-mail 😉 ) or FutureManGaming. We need people that kicks up dust and thinks outside of the box. Take in what I talk about and adapt it to you and go out there and be that next thing!


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This was a super easy article to write since I’ve researched it for a few weeks now and really gave it a lot of thought. I’ve fallen in love with marketing and selling so it’s not just something I do but it’s something that I love doing. I’m planning two new articles for next week one about how to look at your branding from a outsider perspective and one on the word selling and why it’s not a bad word. Remember that sell don’t need to be monetary! I can sell you on the idea of a service or a Twitch channel.



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