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Too much information in your Twitch Panels

By 27 May, 2015 No Comments

Can there be such a thing as too much information upfront in your Twitch panels? Yes. I do believe so. People love to explore and we are naturally curious. However if we’re presented with all the information at once there’s no exploring, there’s no digging, there’s no finding out and our curiosity is stilled from the start. Digging for information actually activates dopamine so it’s a very strong drive that humans have.

Let’s look at the current state of Twitch panels. There’s a good mix going and a lot of confusion when you read forum and blog posts about this. Some say link to it with Twitch panels images and some say to write information. None if this is really that great advice at all and none of it is a selling the viewer to dig deeper. What you need to do is to look at the content that you have and the content you want to present and the environment you want to present to the reader viewer.

What happens when you have too much information?

Anyone that comes to your channel can read, if they choose to, everything below your profile. There won’t be any need to ask you anything. No need to ask about you, games, specs etc. You will at that point hinder a easy way to start a conversation. You shouldn’t need to have a long presentation, that’s the reason why you invest in a proper visual identity that that tells anyone watching what you’re about. A wall of text should never be the optimal solution for someone that as easily can be said by you. Afraid that you keep repeating yourself? Look at it like this: that fifth, sixth, seventh (and so on) time you say the same thing again might also be first time someone else hears it. If you sound bored, give a snarky comment or let someone else speak for you, THAT will be the first impression that that viewer will get. Is that the impression you want to give? If so, then go ahead. If not? Then don’t.

The interactive part does mostly apply to smaller streamers, but since there are mostly small streams on Twitch I thought it would be better to look at it from that standpoint. Nonetheless the information digging is applies to any Twitch channel. You want to tickle the exploration and the information gathering gratification that comes from that.

Personally I’m iffy about using chat bots to provide long messages. It feels wrong in a way. Specially when you might as well have someone talk and be interactive instead you get a

What to do then?

Look at what you want to say and present that in a way that makes sense to your personal branding. Take a few risks and use analytics to see if it helped. Look at your text and think “is this necessary information?”, “can it be presented in a different way?”, “can it presented vocally, graphically, etc?”

I’m not saying to make information hard to find but to present it in a way that makes people want to look for more. Having only a link won’t tell much, unless it’s a Twitter panel then a standard link is more than appropriate. I’ve seen those that write that “follow me on Twitter to get updates” or other random strings of text. Now that’s not selling anyone anything you’re only telling people what Twitter does… and as far as I know most people know what Twitter does. Instead if you’re going to write anything write why following you is important.

  • Do give solid information that is vital. Keep sentences short. Even fragmented worked, maybe it shouldn’t. But it does.
  • Long sentences are easier to read BUT shorter ones are easier to remember.
  • Schedule. Keep it relevant. Again no need to explain certain things that you can say with words when you’re online.
  • Social media. Links and only links. Everybody already know what Twitter and Instagram is for there’s no need to explain.
  • About your channel. The most important and selling text you should have. Why should anyone stay? Keep it to one general idea.

A few that you should keep in mind, there’s more but these are the guidelines that you can bring over to any Twitch panels. After all people come to Twitch to watch and not to read. There are a lot of copywriter things we could go over and look at Apple or other companies and how they word things. I’m not it would make the most interesting article to go that much into detail, if you think I’m wrong and actually want to hear about let me know!

If you have any questions regarding this article, have something you want me to write about or if you have questions in general you can find me on Twitter @visiblespeech. If you have business inquires you can e-mail me at or use the contact from to start a conversation. Why can I have a explanation about my Twitter? People come here to read not to watch.



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