Twitch new year review and looking to the future

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Last year I did this as one of my two first posts, and look how far we’ve come now and there’s so much more coming in the next year. But first let’s take a look at what have happened during this year so far.

LiveSpace in 2015

It was at the start of 2015 that I got interviewed about what it was like being behind the streamers for the very first time. At that moment I had no idea that it was going to be what I wanted to do for a living or that it was about to change my life. What I did know was that it was the very first time I had every spoken to anyone in-depth about what I did and as the interview went on I started to realize how much I actually knew. It was just the graphic side but I started to talk about a lot of different aspects and I could feel my confidence grew.

Then over night I decided to write it all down as a blog post. It was one of those moments where you just go for it without even really thinking about it. I started something and that’s often the main difference between you and someone that have “made it”. The difference is always that they started it while you were still thinking about it.

In a sense I did it at the right time and it was due to that, years of craftsmanship and studies that set me apart from other designers. Over the year people started asking me who I thought my competitors were, and my answer is that there isn’t any. That’s not me being cocky and saying that I’m the best of the best. What I’m saying is that there’s no one that does what I do. There are those that say they do what I do but when you look into it it’s just them applying the concept on a hallow shell.

Will they ever catch up? Sure they will, if not in skill then in marketing, that’s goes for streaming as well. But what I, and you, have to do is not be a follower but instead lead. When I feel someone is getting closer and trying to compete I’m going to move into another business form and add a new stream of income. That’s how you position yourself without, or with very little, competition. That’s how you dominate your niche before you branch outside of it. If you take a look at this blog I’ve applied the same principles as I write about, well mostly, and I know that it’s a slow climb. I know that it’s not over and this year have only been the start and I know this because I have planned things for this year. I don’t look at the moment I look at the next day, next month, next year and that’s what sets me apart and I hope that’s what sets you apart with your Twitch channel as well.

Looking towards Twitch 2016

Brands. Brands are going to take a big step into streamers lives. It’s not going to be only a logo, even if that’s going to remain and there’s going to be bigger and bigger brand names there, it’s going to be integrated with the streamers. It’s going to be a strange year for brands as the start to take their stumbling steps onto Twitch. Not only that there’s going to be a few streamers that fall away due to it. We already know that streamers are talking with brands, not only about sponsorship, but as consultants (paid or not paid).

Money, money, money. Next year is going to show how strong the economy around Twitch really is or how strong it can be. Will it bend? Will it break? I don’t know actually. While small streamers still are going to think things are suppose to be free the bigger streamers and mid-tier streamers are going to, due to working with brands, be able to take bigger risks. Bigger risk in turn leads to bigger budgets.

More ways to monetize. At the end of the year there was a explosion of selling shirts, this is further going to fule the economy around Twitch. But there’s also going to be more ways to monetize then before. There has to be some one that takes the leap away from donations and into the world of business, or at least tickles the idea of figuring out the future better and actually make it a business. Streamers it’s time to put on your thinking hats, sit down and really get to work to figure out how to get to the next level.

More companies. To further go on the above paragraph, there’s going to be more companies that work with streamers on getting that monetization started. Be it that they work with streamers closely or be it that they provide a service for anyone that want to use it.

Sorry for the delay in post! Got home at around 6 in the morning yesterday. My old body can’t really handle that amount anymore so took a half day off pretty much. Back to answering e-mails now. Anyway Happy new year! or as we say in Sweden GOTT NYTT ÅR!

Celebrated it in Lund with a few friends and new friends. It was sort of a spur of the moment thing but it worked out great. A lot of laughs and a lot of talk about Twitch… there always is as soon as you bring it up in any setting. Don’t be afraid to bring up what you want to do even if it’s not what you do to earn money. You know that they say dress for the job you want? You can apply the same principle to how you talk about Twitch and streaming as well. It will help you get better at explaining it and it will help you when you one day need to present it to someone that might be important to your stream. In any case I would rather hear about your passions then your job!




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