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I’ve sort of mentioned marketing decks in the past. I recently got the opportunity with a Twitch employee (nothing new, I’ve worked with Twitch employees in the past) to put together a marketing deck for a streamer. It wasn’t me that wrote the marketing deck but I got a great deal of insight into how it’s put together and of course I did the layout for it.


I’m obviously not going to show you anything from the actual marketing deck. But let’s start talking about how and when you’re going to use this.

How to use it

Marketing decks might sound as if they’re used to market yourself or to used in marketing. That’s more than a understandable thing from the name. The marketing deck is used to show your market and marketing capabilities for a company/sponsor.

While that might sound as if this is something that only a large streamer can use/benefit from. The truth is that there’s companies/sponsors of all sizes the same way that there’s streamers of all sizes, however, it dosen’t end there. You have to understand that even if you have small follow, that small following can be extremely powerful for company. Imagine if you can mobilize your 10 closest follower you have a small “army” of sort that can all be spokespeople for a brand.

When to use it

One of the big questions tends to be where to use it. It might not always be the best idea to start sending these around like flyers. I would always recommend having a conversation before sending anything their way. There might be a leap between them understanding digital or for that matter understanding Twitch. Sure what we’re going to go over here might bridge the gap.

Another way is to use it as a PowerPoint presentation. Even if in this instance I’ve created something that’s in PDF form it could easily be converted to a PowerPoint presentation. Do keep in mind that when you’re doing a presentation you need to streamline it a bit more. Since you don’t want to only repeat the same words that’s already on your slides.


The first thing we have greeting the reader is the vision for your Twitch brand/channel. You want to keep this short and to the point. If you can keep it to one sentence and get everything across you’ve really hit the right mark.

So what’s a vision? It’s a sentence that aims to show who you are and what you’re trying to do and where a sponsor/brand could see potential in you. Now getting all of that into one sentence is a lot to ask. I can tell this that something like that might slightly change depending on who you’re going to show it to. The same way that a CV/resumé changes depending on what job you’re searching for.

[mks_toggle title=”Here’s how I would write one for my own Twitch marketing deck” state=”close “]LiveSpace produces creative and educational content around Twitch that aims to partner with brands that want to elevate their value to Twitch streamers, to provide direct promotion through LiveSpace websites and to dedicated Twitch streamers.[/mks_toggle]


Next we have your solution to your vision for the brands/sponsors. Again we’re going to try and keep this short and to the point. If you can keep it to one or two sentences you’re golden.

What you want is to explain to the brands/sponsors is how you’re going to solve the things that you laid out in your vision. This can be very specific towards the brand/sponsor that you’re trying to reach. For instance the solution might change pretty drastically depending on who you’re trying to reach. A food company would probably want a different solution than a gaming apparel company. You might think that it should be on them to figure out what could be done with you. But in this case you’re pitching suggestion and solutions to them so they can see the potential in you.

[mks_toggle title=”Here’s how I would write one for my own Twitch marketing deck” state=”close “]LiveSpace seeks to bring education to Twitch streamers around branding, marketing and growth hacking with large daily audience. In that I’m looking to give even more value so they can explore more options for their own Twitch channels. Establishing a relationship with COMPANY NAME allows me to introduce LiveSpace watchers/readers of YOUR PRODUCT/COMPANY through demonstration, testing, quality and case studies of your COMPANY/PRODUCTS.[/mks_toggle]


If this was a CV/resumé this is the stage where we introduce our references. We do take it one step further by actually showing what our audience think about what we already are doing. This can be excerpts from emails (remember to ask for permission) that you’ve gotten from your audience, or things from social media that they’ve posted about you.

This gives the brand/sponsor an idea of what your audience thinks about you. It can give an insight into their dedicated,  your craft, content or even buying power. With buying power we can use even more specific things like quotes where people have said “*throws money on screen*”. That’s an actual quote from my Twitch chat that I wish I actually would have taken a screenshot of. If you’re getting ready to put something like this together do save tweets, messages, screenshots so that you have something to put here.

Besides these type of testimonials you can put links to previous work you’ve done with brands/sponsors. That will show you can work in that envoirment and what the result from it was.

Social Footprint at a Glance

Now we’re getting into what many might think are the most boring part… numbers. Yes a company for sure want to see what numbers you’re pulling. After all they do want to see what they’re investing into and what their Return On Investment will be.

Numbers isn’t everything but it’s something that we do need to keep in mind. If you don’t have the numbers you can always put more effort into the other parts in this article. While it will be an uphill battle it’s not impossible if they believe in your vision and can see the potential in you as a person.

As for the numbers…

The first thing we want to establish (specially if they might not understand Twitch, YouTube and so on) is the actual platform you’re going to use. First we have the broad discovery, that means what type of reach, YouTube or whatever other social media platform you’re going to use has. Example: Twitch: 100 million+ monthly users

After that you have your own reach. In Twitch/YouTube followers, YouTube subscribers, GameWisp subscribers, Patreon subscribers, and so on, across all of the above social medias. Sure things like GameWisp and Patreon might not have a potential reach but they do still have potential for a dedicated subset of people when we get to the creative.

When we have established some basic numbers we want to start to get into more specific ones if plausible. If you’re playing a specific game, type of game or if you’re running a show. You want to be able to show the power that you can have with something specific. If you’ve ever worked with a brand in the past you can put those numbers here as well.

Where to find stats?

One place you always can dig for your stats is your Twitch dashboard. I’m going to go a bit further and use both Google Analytics (for my websites), Hosting Statsitcs(for my websites), BluBrry (podcast statistics) and StreamHatchet (for my Twitch channel).

There’s a lot more services out there that are free and can give you a lot of insight into your own statistics.

Here’s how I would write one for my own stream: Network: Avg. 10,500 visitors a week.

LiveSpace Newsletter: 100 dedicated Twitch Streamers with 40% open rate.

Twitch Channel: 30 concurrent viewers (CCU).

Total Time Watched: 262 hours.

Twitch Podcast: Total 2,500 unique listeners.

While all of these stats might not be the most impressive. You can still see that things like 10k readers a week and a steady newsletter is where a brand/sponsor could see a lot of potential. In that they can reach dedicated streamers without having to advertise across too many different places.

Here you also want to take the opportunity to create something a bit more visual so they can leave a bigger impression.

Proposed Package/Deal/Advert

After all of that we’re finally getting to the “money” part. Here you can put things like a shoutout every x-hour, giveaways, banner placement, Twitch panel placement, logo in in-game overlay, bot command at intervals, links to products, links in description etc. Those are some of the more basic things that you can introduce. Do keep in mind that all of the above speaks louder when you have bigger numbers to show the brand/sponsor.

So what if you don’t have big numbers to throw around? Then this is when you need to start and get creative. For instance: Can you produce content for them? What about a show that they can sponsor? Tournament you can host together?

Here’s how I would write one for my own Twitch marketing deck: 

Banner ad on websites ( and Mention at the end of every stream, with link/logo in Twitch panels. 

Giveaway of your service/produce on websites and newsletter.

Logo in Twitch panels and overlay. Official sponsor of my education Twitch channel feedback videos.

Testing out your service/product on stream and an unbiased article about said service/product. Having a podcast with you or anyone from your team and mention in Newsletter.

You can do all of these in many different ways. You can have different tiers if that works better for you. I’ve chosen to give different options that we then together can negotiate what they would want and what that investment would be for them.

What about price?

DO NOT PUT THAT HERE. You do not put numbers here. You’re both fully aware that this is a brand/sponsorship deal. There’s no need to go in and give them a number that’s either too high or too low. This is where you have to feel them out. This is a negotiation process. You need to actually talk to them about the price/cost for any of your packages.

I hope I were able to shed some light on the Twitch marketing deck situation. By no means is this the only way to put together a Twitch marketing deck. There’s probably many more ways but this is the one that I got introduced to. As I learn more I’ll share more with you, that I can promise.

If you’re interested in your own marketing deck and layout for it, OR if you’re interested in your own professional Twitch branding, you need to go to this link right now to check out my Twitch branding services.



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