The S curve applied on your Twitch channel

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the S curve applied on your Twitch channel

There’s a short topic that I want to bring up here, and it’s a concept that’s been tested in business so let’s apply it to streaming as well. If we’re going to have PayPal business accounts and seeing how bigger streamers run their streams like business and in some cases actually businesses. Let’s get this started with how we apply the S curve applied on your Twitch channel…

What’s the S curve?

The S curve applied on your Twitch channel

Curve your stream

The S curve is a way to look at growth for you channel, mastering a skill etc. If you look at the image on the right you can see what I’m talking about. In the beginning we have a slow growth, experience or skill. As we rise to the top we get better, grow faster and then when we start reaching the very top we grow the fastest.

Why do I write about this? It applies a lot to a Twitch channel. We all know that when you start out as a unknown it’s a slow grind, be it the growth, your personal goals of your channel or anything else related to your channel. We know that this happens so even if it’s discouraging we stick at it because we know it will only go upwards. However as you grow, in whatever way you’ve chosen, more and more people will come to your stream. It won’t be incredible rush of people (however it can be under the right circumstances) as we reach the fullest potential however it all stops.

The S curve applied on your Twitch channel

Can you find the Twitch icon?

For some maybe this is great. Maybe that means they’ve reach the very top of Twitch but in most cases it means we’ve reached a goal and that might not even mean that we’ve reached the optimal amount of people. It might mean we’ve reached as far as we can in one area or maybe we’ve focused on a target audience and we’re not reach a place where there’s no more market to take. This is the very top of the S curve.

What happens now? A few things might happen. First of all it might be really boring to you, there’s no challenge anymore or you’re not seeing any growth (and that’s no fun). What we need to do at this point is disrupt. Change path, do something new, learn something new etc.

Starting over!

The S curve applied on your Twitch channel

Started from the bottom now we’re at the top of the S curve

It might sound a bit weird that when you’re at the height of your market that you should restart everything. If we look at a Twitch channel as a business, it’s been approached this way before and I have a article about it coming (hopefully), and we then look at what some of the most successful business have done. They don’t say “Hey we’ve made it”, they innovate and disrupt before they even need to. They do it so they can expand more in the future.

Yes, doing this will probably make you take a few steps back overall. However that’s only if you’re thinking short-term and if you’re thinking short-term then this article is not for you. This is all about our long-term goal and to gain a lot more back. We’re not only positioning ourselves for the future but we’re effectively making the stream better not only for us but for our viewers. Why? As you might now I talk a lot about storytelling, be it in your stream, the visual brand or social media and this will further create a story line to follow. It’s new territory and your entire community is along for the ride. They will follow you deeper into your story and become even more involved.

What you want to do is jump from curve to curve and keep expanding your channel one curve at a time. As said it might sound a bit backwards to leave something that works, but it’s all about not stopping. We don’t want to stagnant our growth but instead let it grow once again on another level. Is it that clear cut? No, there’s a fall pit but you can mitigate for example in these two ways…

Limitation feedback

The S curve applied on your Twitch channel

Limitation feedback

We can all agree that when we start out there’s a limit on things. Maybe your time is limited, your budget is limited or an array of other things that are “holding you back”. What actually happens is that you get a very fast response to what you’re doing along your curve. It might be as simple as it won’t work for you so you switch again. Now that will probably be the best very early on when you haven’t already built a solid viewer base.

However it can still benefit you since when it comes down to you surviving and you streaming. The choice is pretty straight forward and you know that you need to do a change. Using the curve to gauge exactly how far you’ve climbed and then quickly seeing if that’s enough for you to be able to move forward or switch.

Invite your community on failure

Back on the topic of failure, a topic I’ve discussed before, and let’s use it again to not only make ourselves better but to better communicate with our community. Instead of being afraid of mistakes you’ve made and sweeping them under the rug or keeping them to yourself. Invite your community on the ride (more story). Say thank you the one(s) that point it you and improve your stream together. There’s no need to be ashamed but instead it will be a learning S curve that you can start with your community.

Own your mistakes, let people hear it, let them be apart of your mistakes and let it be about “us” instead of you.

A short article this cold Thursday (Sweden), taking it a bit easy and still working on a few project AND I finally caught up on e-mails! Now I want to write a new article on networking for next week, both some IRL networking and a way to make you great at networking. Going to be a short article as well but it’s going to contain a heavy punch that will get you happy about networking.

Also I made vegetarian shepherd’s pie today… so good. Have a great weekend!



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