The future of Twitch overlays

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What’s going on in the world of Twitch overlays at the moment and what’s the future of Twitch overlays? It’s a good question that always need to be asked. This was actually the title for an article I was writing for December 24 2015. It made sense to write it back then but it makes even more sense to write it now.


I’ve been been pushing the agenda of high quality and professional service. That’s not random words that I’ve pulled out of a hat and if you read my case studies, check out my portfolio and look at my client list you can see that I care. I care about my clients and they care about their stream. They don’t only think that it should look good but that it should solve a problem that they have.

It’s the simplicity and the understanding of design and the understanding of you as a streamer that you’re paying for. You should never pay just to get something that look good, you didn’t work your ass off, or are going to work your ass off, to have someone create something that they pulled out based on their own likes and dislikes. You need someone that can see what you NEED and not only look at what you WANT. You won’t and you probably can’t easily find that (well expect here ;))

A professional designer will not just make whatever it is that you tell them. They’ll solve your problems and give you exactly what you need to reach your audience. There’s going to be changed coming and they’re not going to be that fun for everyone. Streamers are going have to charge more and certain designers are going to have to work even harder on their below minimal wage prices. But it’s  not all bad! There’s going to be a upswing in production quality, the viewer experience will take front and center, certain designer will be able to live of their work and streamers will be able to play for the long run instead of only for the day.

Where we are right now

They’re still those that charge a 10USD for a overlay or 26USD for a complete package, and they’ll remain, however it’s the big dogs that are going to swoop in and take the big clients. As the industry have grown Twitch streamers of all sizes can now afford to go to the ones that have a track record, that have knowledge about design and understands them as clients. That’s why the graphical trends we’ve seen are going to go away, no more weird bent sharp glow-stick looking things, no more templates, no more generators, no more badly drawn avatars, no more downloaded vectors with minor change etc.

It’s a change in mentality and not one in economy that have pushed Twitch streamers of all sizes to invest into their branding. For the last year I’ve been in the middle of this movement and it’s not going to stop. The good part about it is that for those that are ready to invest there’s going to be a lot of doors that’s going open up. For those that are ready to invest not only in to a visual upgrade but a overall branding mentality are going solidify their place on Twitch.

Where are we going?

Mobile first

We have our phones with us everywhere, even when we sleep it’s not out of our reach and it’s reflected on Twitch. Reading the Twitch 2015 Retrospective it shows one of the most interesting number you’re going to see: Mobile usage hold 35% of the amount of viewership on Twitch with 1.000.000+ installations of the Twitch app.

What does that mean? Well your tiny text and small alerts isn’t going to show up that well on a small screen. It’s not even going to show up that well on a TV when someone is sitting in the couch even if it’s a big TV. This is the most drastic change we’re going to see when it comes to how future alerts and text will be displayed. However we will run into a HUGE problem here and that’s the fact that we don’t want giant text boxes and giant alerts covering up the screen constantly. We want our audience to experience the entertainment you’re putting on (more on that further down).

There needs to be a revolution and I’m working on it as we speak. You’re going to see more and more things that are suited for the mobile users in the things that I do. When you have an audience of 35% that only are growing as Twtich are growing it can’t be ignored. So what’s the solution?

Twitch dynamic overlays

This is the solution to the problem. Dynamic overlays are going to solve all of the above problems that we’re facing and more. If you want a quick answer to the future of Twitch overlays well then dynamic overlays is the answer. The reason is since they can come in and go out, be it timed or triggered with hotkeys or bot commands. These can be how large or small as you want and it won’t matter since they’re not permanently on the screen anyway. However it’s only the start of the things that a dynamic overlay can do for any Twitch streamer och any size.

One of the greatest advantages is the fact that let’s the Twitch streamer to focus on streaming. No need to open up Photoshop to do certain edits or change certain things instead they’re dynamically updated through different API’s, sripts, dashboard’s etc.

Dynamic overlays are, and will, keep solving more and more issues and are going to let Twitch streamers standout a lot more. Will things like TwitchAlerts still remain? Yes for sure. It’s easy and free way to get dynamic things but it won’t allow you to have the freedom to really go outside of what there is today. When there’s no  limits we’re going to break the bank when it comes to new ideas and new ways of streaming. Twitch haven’t stopped evolving and it won’t stop with more and more things that are coming your way.

Streaming have blown up over the last year and to be honest Twitch is actually behind when it comes to functions. Twitch isn’t behind when it comes to community and size but until Twitch. That’s also the beauty of Twitch that allows us to create these things and the beauty of OBS/Xsplit that allows those to be interagerad in a seamless way.


Are you ready for real Twitch branding and dynamic overlays? I’ve work with both partnered and non-partnered Twitch streamers and done so for over 3 years. For me this is full time and I’m dedicated to my clients and my craft. I do both branding, visual branding and consulting based on understanding you, your community and your channel. If that sounds interesting to you then you should check out my Twitch services/portfolio/client list and contact me right away.

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Oh damn… I’m about 2 days away from doing my first lecture on social media marketing at a local school. I’m super happy and excited to be given the opportunity to really get going on my public speaking.

I used to be deadly afraid of talking in front of people until I had one teacher that really go me re-thinking the whole thing. There’s no one way to solve being afraid of public speaking. For me it was all about doing it, to actually stand up there in front of an audience and do it. I’m sure there was a lot more too it but it wasn’t until after that I had gone through it all that I stumbled across the book Confessions of a Public Speaker by Scott Berkun. It’s a must read if you’re feeling a bit worried about it yourself or even if you feel it when you’re going live on Twitch.




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