The future of Twitch design, style and branding

By 31 October, 2016 One Comment

In the coming months you’re going to see some pretty cool things coming out from me. With that said I wanted to highlight the design shit and the type of branding I’m pushing today. From the more functional Twitch panels, style and what trends are coming your way.

What’s the deal with logos?

I want to say goodbye to the e-sports logo or anything that would work as a sports team logo when it comes to your own channel. These works great for e-sports and they work great for sports as well… but last time I checked most streamers are neither so there’s little to nothing to gain from that. There’s a far more interesting and charismatic ways to have a mascot that can emote than a stiff mascot that have little to no adaptability.

The future of logos/avatars/mascots on Twitch should, and will, be how transformative it can be for you. From changing emotions, colors to using in many different situations. The better it can reflect your current state, mood, season etc the better it will be able to stand the test of time. You can clearly see that a lot of graphic designers are far behind when it comes to this. They’re either stuck in their own style, they use pre-made vectors (or straight up steal from a google search, BE CAREFUL OF THIS) or they’re still not up to par with current design trends. I’m not saying that you have to have the most updated design on your Twitch channel but it has to be able to speak to your audience in modern way that’s easy to understand at a glance. The less research and time a viewer has to spend to understand you the better.

The uprise of the large photos

Photographers rejoice! It’s your time to shine now and I’m going to give this one to you way ahead of time so you can start to figure out your marketing. Here’s the thing logos, wordmarks, mascots etc will still be a thing however as we start shifting focus towards the personal brand and have the channel community around there. There’s emerging two different things; one being your community and that’s always going to be the most important thing but another important aspect to keep it all together is you.

Previously a lot of streamers have used the avatar of themselves a means to convey this. As we move forward I’m confident in saying that we’re going to see portraits etc. as one of the main things. It’s a lot easier to work with in design and it’s a lot easier to work with when it comes to change. I works great together with the wordmark or logo, and in some cases it works with avatars as well. As you might understand I’m not talking about any photos but photos of you. It’s a small but significant change as we start to move forward in creating these Twitch brands. How will it manifest it self? It’s hard to tell at this moment but I am working working with some where I’m pushing this design concept so hopefully you’ll see it a lot sooner.

We designers should always push the new and fresh and not get caught up in what we think is “cool”. We need to think about what will work the best for the livestreamers we work with. Be it on Twitch, beam or any other live streaming services that’s emerging at the moment. There’s going to be new places to use personal branding and there’s new ways to understand how to use it besides the current visual look of Twitch channel.

There should be more than one style of Twitch panels

Taking a look at a lot of Twitch channel panels you’re going to find something very interesting. You’re going to start seeing that most uses one size for all of their Twitch panels, be it small, medium of the full square. Of course I’ve seen some try and be creative and do different shapes however they’re all the same size or the same style.

How is this bad? They’re not styled or designed with the message at hand or the necessity of the Twitch panel. For instance a Twitter panel can be to the point and only a link to your Twitter page. However the same won’t work for a Subscribe/GameWisp subscribe panel. Some panels deserves having larger text or buttons on them with Call to Actions. This is an important distinction to make as we move forward.

We’re not using the panels to convey one message but rather to convey several different ones and knowing that we have a complete 1:1 area to work with allows us to do a lot more than create one panel that we then can apply across them all. Doing it as such will be the easy way out but it won’t be the correct way to get your message across. Twitch panels are more than something visual or a bunch of text it’s a way to communicate and to guide people to do things.

Throwing my ideas out there have worked great in the past so let’s do it again! Let’s see how long it takes for the message to spread out there, both to designers and to streamers.

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