Telling your story to grow your brand on Twitch

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When you get to talk to partnered streamers, researchers, industry panels and so on you get to hear a lot of things. These things aren’t taken out of the air or secretes hidden behind vault doors. Instead everything I’m going to talk about in this article is already out there and all you have to do is to connect the dots.

Why is the story important?

As I mentioned in my previous post Twitch are reigning in their talent. The interesting part is that they’re doing it in a way that I’ve written about plenty of times. Using the talents/streamers story and this is nothing new when it comes to marketing and branding so I wanted show you how you can do the very same thing that Twitch is doing to their top streamers and apply it to yourself.

There’s nothing more powerful than a story and it’s something we as humans have done for ages. It’s captivating to hear a good story, we remember good stories and we love telling people stories. It’s the fundamental principle in communication and education so it comes as no surprise that Twitch want their talent/streamers to be able to become part of their marketing campaigns. However for that to happen there need’s to be a bit of training into the form of new media and how it’s being shaped with stories.

Stories are what creates impact, make changes and even makes money. Stories have however evolved and aren’t being told in length but in micro blurbs with 140 characters or an image. All of these things together creates your brand (something that was talked about during on of the industry panels at TwitchCon) This isn’t something new and have been around for a long time it’s however something new when we start looking at Twitch talent/streamers. Twitch is of course not going to stand by and do nothing and from what I’ve gathered they’re pushing their talent to talk about the journey that brought them to where they are today. I would imagine this is to scrub away the “luck” mark from when streamers talk to media, etc.

How can you use your story?

Trust me when I tell you that your story is interesting to someone. There’s way too many people for it not be interesting to someone. No matter what it’s going to showcase who you are and what you stand for. Can you tell that this is a huge part of Twitch branding? And yes that’s 100% correct. Twitch branding, at least the type that I do, is all based in storytelling and telling your story in design.

Design isn’t the only way to tell a story or to sell attention. Stories in general grabs attention so it’s all about how you start to shape the story for yourself. Of course it’s all about being honest and authentic, we don’t need you to fake your story to sound interesting. You might think that your story is boring but it’s also about people identifying with it along the way and that’s how you create a relationship between you and your audience.

On Twitch and in livestreaming we’re seeing a slight shift and that’s that the retention rate goes way up. People don’t just watch for a few minutes (unless they don’t like the stream) but actually invest time into a stream. This is a very interesting shift in the eyes of marketers and brands. Since around 2013-14 marketers have been focusing a lot of micro storytelling on social media. We on Twitch are given an opportunity to tell stories in a longer format on our stream but still maintain the short form on our social media accounts.

Let me tell you a story


The business cards

I’ve been outspoken against business cards for a long time now and while my opinion haven’t changed. I did actually order some really nice business cards for TwitchCon. You might ask yourself “isn’t that a change of opinion?”. Here’s the thing whenever you’re able to create a story or something special around something you’re creating attention. By having these business cards and being outspoken against them the concept made it so that people wanted these business cards as if they were collectibles.

By using my story, told over and over again, I created scarcity for my business cards and furthermore I created a conversation around my business cards. That means that they’ll and even better me will be remembered by the person that got them. They’re also a lot more durable than other cards and are made to last instead of disintegrate if you look at them for too long. So I created scarcity with my story and from the scarcity I created an event and a conversation that lead into sales.

This is only one of many stories that I tell. Not only when I do appearances but also in all of my branding. If you go to you’re going to see that there’s a story there but it’s shared story. One where you can identify yourself in and where you can see both you and me fitting in. That’s not a random idea but rather a crafted story that’s supposed to get you thinking about your own stream and what you need to grow.

How you can apply my story?

Here’s the moment that you have to do a little bit of thinking on your own. Every stream, podcast, SnapChat, Instagram post, Twitter post or any other content that you put out there can be a part of your story. My business cards story wasn’t intended to become what it became but as look at it to find a strategy I stumbled across how to make into what it became.

You don’t always need to think months a head of time, even if that can help, all you need to really do is have open and creative mind to figure out the steps that you can take in storytelling. If you don’t have a creative mind or can’t really channel that outside of your own stream don’t be afraid to hire someone to do it. The more time you can spend being the talent instead of trying to do everything around the more you can focus on becoming better at the craft that actually will get you success.

If you’re posting the same content across everything and not using the media to your advantage you’re missing the point of social media. Try posting the same content on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and I really mean the exact same content and just observe the difference in how people interact with it. If you want your content to work you need to understand how to tell a story on each platform and was we move forward we need to rethink the way we approach storytelling in our own Twitch branding and how we tell stories with our long form livestreaming content. You’re a marketers wet dream at the moment by having you sit there for ours on end and hearing/seeing content baked into the story/conversation (a story is only as good as the converstaion it brings with it) is worth a lot of money… that’s if you approach the brand with the right mindset and a understanding of these concepts.

Don’t think of these as being deceitful they’re honest stories being told by me or you to better connect with an audience. It would have happened no matter what but this way there’s an easier way to get on the inside and quicker way to relate with your audience.

I think I’m on my last day of feeling super sick. Today I was out cold for a little bit after feeling really bad but now as I’m writing this I’m feeling a lot more alert and ready to do the work that I do. Don’t get me wrong I’ve still been working a lot even when I’ve been sick, that’s one of the downsides of working from home even if my clients are understanding about my current situation.

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