Target audience on Twitch and how you figure it out

By 3 August, 2015 One Comment

For the last couple of months I’ve gotten a lot of different e-mails both short, long, good and bad ones. By far the most common answer when I ask about target audience and what you as a streamer offer your viewers is “I want a place where people can hang out” or something along those lines. Is this a bad thing? While it’s great that you have an idea about your target audience but it’s way too broad even at that point. If you focus on something that will happen by turning your stream on and interacting with your chat, then is that really a target audience?

Niche down before you expand

Just do it! Get a target audience A lot people are afraid to niche down. They think that the lower amount of people the less they will grow. When it’s actually the opposite, especially on the internet, it’s on the internet that we’re able to connect with all the different things that we like. Some like this type of game, someone another, someone likes this or that, that’s where you come in. There’s no need to “figure out” what the hot game is or what is going to get you a huge bump. There are a lot of people in this world with a lot of different passions and if you put out a passion that you can share with a few of them, THEY will find you. They want that community as much as you do. If you’re doing your marketing, branding and social media interaction the right way THEY will find you.

I recently tweeted out this video by Gary Vaynerchuk that’s called “One is greater than zero”. It’s all about how you grow from nothing to something big. It’s not by going for high volume from the start, it’s about starting where you’re passion is and work from there. Be in as many places as you can and think is it better to have one subscriber or zero?

What to pick?

Maybe it’s more then one thing? Try to combine them into one. But do it. That’s what I want you to bring away from this. That you should go with something and try it out. Whatever it might be. There’s no wrong path to take, whatever path your choose right now it will lead to progress. Even if it’s the “wrong” thing that you picked it will give you experience AND it will tell you what didn’t work. Now you can focus on something that does work.

large_Jodorowsky_Dune_PosterWhat really clicked for me was the movie “Jodorowsky’s Dune” it’s all about failure and what comes from failure. And also not to call it failure but a experience beyond what you ever can get from something that’s successful. Also Jodorowsky is crazy and I love him and his movies for it.

Remember that if you never start then you’re not going anywhere. The same goes if you’re sitting there doing the same thing that everyone have access to, some by only clicking a button on their game console, it’s not hard to stream anymore. Turning your stream on isn’t impressive, having a goal, having a niche and knowing your target audience is unique as you make it.

“I don’t want to paint myself into a corner”

You’re not. You’re only starting something. If you do things right you will have a solid fanbase. That fanbase, if you give them enough value and time they’ll follow you down whatever path you keep going down. You’re telling a story and they are following along. Yes, some might leave, but if the number of people staying and being added overtakes the number of people leaving you’re doing everything right. One or two people vocal minority opinion should not out weight the goals you have and it should absolutely not out weight the people you’re still attracting and the ones that have chosen to stay. The ones that have stayed those are the ones that are the most dedicated to your stream.

Never focus your energy on viewers that never have any intention on being part of your community. There’s no reason since they’re never going to convert anyway, they probably still be very vocal so you need to be able to spot them and filter them out. Instead all of your focus should be on your CURRENT and your FUTURE viewers, subscribers and followers.

I work hard everyday on growing my audience and networking with the right people. Doing everything that I can to stay in the front of your mind. My goal is that when you think seriously about Twitch you think about me. I also have smaller goals that I’m constantly following up on as well, and my niche audience is you that is reading this. You’re a streamer that are serious about your channel. You’re not looking for the easy way but build something solid and sustainable. That’s niche within a niche within a niche, we’re talking niche-ception here. 



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