Take care of your mind as a Twitch streamer

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Take care of your mind as a Twitch streamer

I’ve been really sick for the last few days and I’m not talking about a cold or a fever. This was vertigo and it’s actually the second time I’ve gotten vertigo and everything keeps on spinning. This time every time I tilted my head a bit too far to the right, that’s a bit better then the last time when I couldn’t sit up straight without it happening. Why bring this up? Well I wanted to work a bit during the weekend but just couldn’t. I ended up being frustrated and negative about the whole thing. This is not unique to me and can be seen across all people.

The you is the enemy

Take care of your mind as a Twitch streamer

The YOU is the enemy

I’ve seen the same behavior around streamers, not the spinning, but the constant self criticism. Can it be a good thing? Sure it can be, but only if it’s handled the right way. However before we get there I want to touch about the absurdity of why we do the negative self talk.

A friend of mine actually recently wrote a article about the entire thing but applied to sports. She pulled in a bunch of sources and studies from the negative effect of negative self talk in sports. Who does this apply to Twitch streamers? And why should you take care of your mind as a Twitch streamer?

I’ve heard and seen the same negative behavior from streamers, not towards other streams (there’s exceptions), but towards themselves. To me it’s very interesting that we tell people not to listen to negative trolls (and we really shouldn’t), but then we turn around and listen to our own inner troll. We tend to tell ourselves the very same things that a troll might say, everything from; “you can’t stream”, “you’re not funny” to “you’re not a streamer”etc. If you heard someone else tell another streamer something like that you would call them a troll or a bad person. However this negative self talk are things we would never tell another streamer but we do it right back at ourselves.

I know I’ve talked about failure and that’s it’s a good thing and that you should look at it as something positive. And looking back I probably should have cautioned you about being too self critical. It’s very important that when you go over your errors, mistakes, failures etc, to not look at it in a self critical manner. What I want you to do is to understand what you can improve, what you can skip and what you already know you’re good at.

Take care of your mind as a Twitch streamer

Take care of your mind as a Twitch streamer

Take care of your mind as a Twitch streamer

If we spent as much time doing take care of our own mental health as much as we brush our teeth, that would be pretty awesome. We’re never really taught about how to take care of our mental health as we grow up. Therefor it’s reasonable to think that it’s going to be a uphill battle at the start as you learn to insert it into your ever day life.

The way to do it is to be grateful. I’m grateful that I can do this full-time, I’m grateful about the streamers I get to help, about the amount of readers, my health (well besides that darn vertigo), I’m grateful that you’re reading this right now and also my bike. Everything from small to big, and whenever I find myself standing against a wall I remind myself that first of all it’s just a wall that I can climb. I’ve already done that before. The wall isn’t a challenge and if I want a real challenge then I need to go outside of what I’m already doing and disrupt my S curve.

It might be very natural to feel demoralized and defeated after you fail. But you cannot allow yourself to become convinced you can’t succeed.

– Guy Winch

What should you do? Go back and look at past broadcast that you have done well and remind yourself that you can stream. It’s not that you don’t know how to stream but that there’s something new going on and you’re back at the start at the S curve. Look at it as a new challenge and figure out how to complete it instead of seeing it as a wall you can’t climb.

Save streams that you like or highlights that you like as a file, or what I do is save Twitter quotes from people and e-mail messages that I find are positive about what I do and makes me feel good. I save them so I can look at them whenever I feel I’m not doing anything right or when I think I’m not making any difference.

So this week I want you to take care of your mind as a Twitch streamer. Think about what makes you feel good about your stream, why you start you stream and why you love to come back to it even if you neither get money or fame.

All of this isn’t some strange foreign idea but is based around Guy Winch and you should watch his TED talk

As I said at the top I’ve been sick/ill the entire weekend and it really took a toll on me. I’m still feeling a bit foggy at times but at least I can ride my bike again.

This week is a bit strange since I actually don’t have a guest booked and since I was sick this weekend I wasn’t able to get LizaByte on the podcast. She decided to not use a webcam while streaming and felt a lot better after it. That was going to be this weeks theme, sort of, but hey things change and I’ll try to get a guest on the podcast and if not I’ll babble about a topic I’ve been meaning to talk about anyway.



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