StreamEvolve Alpha

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This probably isn’t your normal type of post that you expect on this site. As you might be aware I’ve put a lot of work and passion into creating a Twitch product that I truly believe in. This is that product and while it’s only in an early stage of Alpha I do want to talk about it and the progress that we’re making.

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The idea and solution

I’ve been working with streamers and their Twitch branding for a long time now. There was always something that was missing, even for large streamers, and that was the possibility to add certain dynamic elements (I’ve talked at lengths about dynamic overlays in the past). I found out a few ways that I could do it by stitching together different source codes. It works but it’s wonky and it’s not always super easy to update for the lone streamer.

However even these smaller dynamic things saves time. That means that the streamer don’t have to update their overlays every single time they’re about to go online. Instead it’s handled through the source code or pulling from the Twitch API.

Now with StreamEvolve we wanted to take that even further. We want to put together a tool that anyone can use. Not only that we also wanted you have the ability to easily update and create the type of overlay that you need. This means that you don’t need a bunch of different images, sources or have to update images every time you go online. There by saving time and allowing you to create a more interesting overlay design.

The StreamEvolve Alpha

The Alpha have gone out to a handful of people to try but don’t worry you can still sign up at and you’ll get an invite in the next round.

In this first round we have some of the core features that I’ve used in the past, and that you’ve seen┬áme do for streamers that I’ve worked for. From getting the box art, countdown to grabbing the title of the game. In this version you can even do things like add a regular clock, a slider and the title of your stream. Things that we also included is a way to create your own dynamic content with a database.

Even if these features are rather simple in approach what you can get out of them is pretty amazing. Even if the alpha is out dosen’t mean that we have stopped working on more features. We still want to implement even more things and of course fix the bugs that are reported by the Alpha users.

The future of dynamic overlays

I, and we, believe that Twitch dynamic overlays is the future when it comes to streaming. We’re dedicated to bring you the final version packed with powerful features. We also want to keep innovating and not only listening. We of course hope that this will become the future tool for all Twitch dynamic overlays. Besides hoping we’re also doing everything to make sure that it also happens.

Our goal is to save you time and allow you to be on a similar ground as the top streamers today that have paid large sums for their custom systems. With that said it dosen’t mean that we don’t want large streamers to use it as well. We’ve already talk with large streamers and their teams about and the word is that “this sounds like a dream product”.

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