Stream the stream you want to watch

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There’s a lot of focus on getting a channel up and running and getting as many viewers as fast as possible. From knowing you branding, who you are, your target audience etc. Let’s look at it all again but form a few different angles. The reason why I do this is to give as many point of views as possible so you can create your own opinion and get the best stream for you. I want to talk about the time frame chase, how to steal the right way and finally to the topic to stream the stream you want to watch.

There’s no set time frame

Stream the stream you want to watch

The Life and Time Frame of Streams

We have a tendency to celebrate fast growth rather then slow, steady, exponential and long lasting. This will only result in people burning out way too fast so instead let’s refocus a bit and look at the other side of the coin for a bit.

Sure we all might like a fast growth and a lot of viewers. And you might know who you are and what you want your channel want to be. However there’s a bigger chance that you don’t. My favorite example is Futureman Gaming, not the fact that he has a very specific personality on stream, that tested out streaming for a few months before starting over with a new channel that is today Futureman Gaming.

That was a time frame that worked for him. It might not work for you at the same speed and in-fact it took me two and half year to figure out what I wanted to do with my network and you can see that it worked (15.000 readers a month and 1.300 listeners a month over 6 months). That didn’t happen just because I had good content it happened because I knew what good content for my target audience was and I knew who I wanted to be inside of that sphere.

There’s a great book called Steal Like An Artist by Austin Kleon. I’m going to bring up that he talks about all advice is autobiographical and can’t always be applied to you, something that long time readers know that I very much agree with. However I also believe that there’s nuggets of information if you’re ready to mold, remix and change it to fit you. That’s why there’s no time frame since it’s up to each person, their experience and drive. Don’t try to mimic that instead let’s talk about how you can steal from others.

Finding out who you are by stealing

Stream the stream you want to watch

Finding Out Who You Are By Stealing… this CD

Let’s steal for the benefit your Twitch channel, and that might sound a bit strange but it’s what I did as well. This blog wasn’t me sitting around coming up with a super unique idea, it was a mixing bowl of a lot of different things that I liked. I took from this person, from that person, yes even that person and then I landed on what I knew what was going to be mine. I knew what worked for them and I knew what would work for me. This is why I talked about time frame earlier, it take time to figure out who you are and the best way sometime is to do something rather then nothing. It’s better to try and fail then to never try at all.

If you like a streamer then look at what they do and nerd in on that, then move on to the next one and do the same, and again and again. Until you have something that works for you that’s innovation. Innovation isn’t always coming up with something brand new on the spot (most things have already been done), it’s to mix things into something that is new and is a part of you. You have to love the process not just the end product then it’s going to be hard to actually do what you do. For example if you’re a artists you better love how the brush feels on the canvas, setting up the canvas, the colors, the mess and everything else before the finished product. The same goes for your stream. If you don’t love the entire process, from start to finish, you better find someone and hire them to work all that out.

Stream the stream you want to watch

Stream the stream you want to watch


This is a header is lifted directly from Steal Like An Artist. The original quote is Write The Book You Want To Write, so yes but remember let’s steal for the benefit your Twitch channel. It’s never a bad thing to look outside of Twitch for inspiration. If you see a movie and like a certain thing there that you like and then you see another thing that you like, you take all of those things and make that into your stream.

Don’t worry too much about what you target audience want to see. After all they want to see you and what you are is your target audience. They didn’t end up in your channel at random (most of the time) they came there, and stayed there, because they’re your target audience. Sometimes they know who they are before you do and I watched a channel recently where the streamer asked “how did you find my stream?”, and really that’s not a bad question to ask. On the web, on this site, we can see exactly what site people came from or if they entered it themselves. That don’t really exists per channel on Twitch so asking it straight out can give you a lot of data on where people came from and why.

In review don’t worry about time. You should be ready for it to take time we do and learn things to make that time better for us and for those that arrive until it picks up. Be in love with the process of streaming not just the fame or the glory. Look at those that came before you, what they did, what they do and move on to the next thing and do the same again. Over time you’ll work things into your style and you’re style will still be driven by you. Looking and trying things out won’t change you, put your spin on it, remix it with something else you like. Finally, stream the stream you want to watch. It will make your stream a lot more fun for you and a lot more fun for others.

So, what stream do you want to watch?

A shorter article today then recently, it’s not that I didn’t cover what I wanted. I really wanted to point out two things in this article but I also get to the point fast. Hopefully that resonates with a lot of you. I also recommend that you read Steal Like An Artist, it’s short book with a great message and I know that you will get a lot of out it.

I actually started writing six different article before I landed on this one. I think I need to focus my attention better so today I’m going to send out some e-mail. I’m still way behind on those. Work on three projects (I need to find another employee… and edit the podcast for tomorrow, it’s all about InfiniScene this time and it was a great interview, if you want to know when that comes out you can follow me on Twitter @visiblespeech




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