Some numbers don’t really matter on Twitch

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Some numbers don't really matter on Twitch

Numbers can seems to be something that’s really confusing for a lot of streamers on Twitch and it’s not something that’s often talked about. I wanted to go over two of them and show why they’re not a good metric to go by when assessing a channel.

Concurrent viewers and partnership

Some numbers don't really matter on Twitch

Concurrent Viewers and Partnership

As you can read in the guidelines for partnership it’s 500+ avg. concurrent. I don’t think everyone knows that it’s actually from a case to case basis and it’s just a number. Twitch looks at a lot of other things as well. What game are you focused on  and yes it’s probably easier to get partnership from being a leader/educator in for one game then trying to be variety streamer. How you go about it is something I could discuss in the future.

So yes there’s streamers with less then 500+ avg. concurrent viewers with partnerships. Even so that number isn’t, and never have been, the entire truth. First of all every viewer can’t be there every moment of a 8-12 hour stream. On top of that they can’t all be there everyday. It’s not a metric we really can use to measure the popularity of stream or how dedicated the follower of that stream are. What you might want to look at is the engagement that you’re getting out of your stream and instead focus on the impact your stream is having. The more impact a stream have (be in educational, emotional, entertaining etc) the more spread will it have.

I’ve seen streams that cater to a specific target audience being able to get partnership at around 120-200 concurrent viewers. That’s not thanks to connections with Twitch and even in those cases that it is, well then that means they’ve talked to the right people to get there. You can do the same with networking with the right people. Target audience, selling point is what gets you a community and a good community is what can get you partnership.

Followers ain’t nothing but a number

Some numbers don't really matter on Twitch

Followers ain’t nothing but a number

Alright that headline is a bit click bait-ish. It’s not a 100% worthless number but as Twitch grows it will become more and more so. The reason for the is the very same thing that happened with Twitter. Twitter didn’t really implement a proper algorithm, and still haven’t, sure they have directed ads around what you might like. But as with Twitch you get every message thrown your way. There’s no real filter, and that might be what you want from that type of platform. However that also means that there’s a bunch of noise. In that noise things more extremely fast and given that people follow thousands of different people they get all of that at a rapid speed.

When someone only follows a handful of streams it’s fine. It’s when we start to get to the numbers of a thousands and you’re now competing with all of those thousands for that persons attention. There’s not really something you can do to change this and it won’t happen until Twitch do some changes to how they deliver suggestions to you. Look at something like Facebook, they measure where on the screen you stay, where your mouse is, who you click on, what you talk about, who you invite etc. They then base the delivery of your feed based around that.

Imagine Twitch doing something similar. It won’t be based around what Twitch want you to see but instead what the algorithm thinks that you might want to watch. Be it VOD, a certain stream, a streamer or stream team. That’s pure speculation of course and is completely in the hands of Twitch. It would however be really interesting to see both what they could do with that and the reaction from the streamers.

What are the follower number good for? Nothing really. It won’t help you getting partnership, it won’t make you channel rank higher, it won’t effect your ad revenue and it won’t get you more subscribers. The only reason is so you can at least be seen as online for those that follows you or if they’ve activated notifications in the app of e-mail notifications when you go online. But again even so you can now disable it for certain channels and you can disable notifications all together.

Sad streamer, bad streamer

Some numbers don't really matter on Twitch

Don’t be sad!

I know that his sounds very negative but that’s only if you look at it the wrong way. Instead you can pretty much stop thinking about these numbers and instead focus on your content, content marketing, marketing and your brand. All of those give you a lot more over time. Focusing on the right things is a lot better way to approach your stream and instead of trying to aim for certain numbers that never will be enough. It’s better to focus on the impact of what your stream is.

That’s it for this week. Well I’m busy as hell right now. I have a bunch of time sensitive project going on at once and then I also have this blog to maintain. I’m working as hard as I can and hopefully that shows.

Going to try to figure some things out during these weekend that might help me a bit. On Friday I’m going to network at two places the same evening, going to be a lot of fun and they serve free drinks and snacks so even if it don’t go too well I still have that to fall back on. Wish me luck!




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