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Self-promtion: The short version

By 14 September, 2015 No Comments

This topic tends to come up a lot. The most common answer is still only what you shouldn’t do and some throw in engage and networks there as well. Why? I don’t really know since they’re different things.

You’re a pop-up ad, Harry!

self-promotion isn't a pop-up ad

Avoid being a pop-up ad

ANYWAY, let’s get back on topic instead. Self-promotion can feel really shitty and you can feel really bad when doing it. Why? Because you’re doing it wrong and you should feel bad about it. Most self-promotion I see be it on Twitter, forums, sub-reddits or with Twitch Share-systems (more on that later) is the equivalent of a pop-up ad. Do you enjoy a pop-up ad? I don’t. You might have noticed that I have no ads on this page, you can turn of Ad-block and you won’t find a single pop-up, banner or Google ad-sense. No one likes a bad ad, it’s asking you to do something and to give away your time. Will you get a lot of eyes on your content? Yes. Will it be the right eye? Probably never.

Entering the good self-promotion

This entire blog, podcast and my Twitter account are all self-promotion. Yet it don’t feel like it and I don’t feel bad for sharing this article or any other article. That’s the true testament of self-promotion. Keep giving value on a consistent basis. It used to be that all you need to do was to be consistent on your Twitch channel, and to an extent that still true but times change.

We’re in a new age now. Where people only need to turn a switch on their gaming console and they’re streaming through Twitch. When everyone has access, no one does. You easily can become part of the noise on Twitch, Twitter, Instagram etc. you need to stand out with your value (content) and consistently provide that value over and over again. That’s how you self-promote as well, by giving instead of asking. You’re demanding attention that you’ve not earned. No one cares that you announce something or scream something at the top of your lungs. When you start out you have little to know credibility. You want to build up with value, yes it takes time and yes you get less views but your conversion rate to dedicated viewers will be a lot higher.

Let’s look at LiveSpace

It comes down to that you have to do more. You have to reach out in more ways then your main goal. I’m going to take myself as an example, since that’s closest to my heart and what I know the best and where I’ve applied a lot of what I’m talking about.

My goal is to get people to buy my services, but unless people trust me, see value in what I do, can see themselves in my work and can see that I have credibility there won’t be any conversion. In every post, podcast and case study I provide value for anyone that’s reading them. There’s time spent and they’re backed with re-search, scientific papers or experience. I looked at the problems that people had before I started to provide value, I don’t want people to have problems and I want to put myself as the first person people think about when they think about a problem solver.

Now I’m not looking for a huge conversion, however I’m seeing it rise month by month, instead I’m 100% aware of my target audience and have no problem saying no to a lot of clients. Not because I don’t have time, I still retain them and reach out as soon as there’s an open spot. I mean right out don’t think it’s going to work, they’re no at that point yet in their career and that’s fine.

Where do they all come from? There’s a few very distinct ways I convert. First of all my website where you can see my entire client list over the last 7 months. There they can see my work as well and read about what I do. However this isn’t what converts people to hire me. They read my blog, listen to the podcast and imagine themselves in my work. Right there is the conversion. I provide 3 things outside of my main goal.

Let’s apply that to YOU!

self-promotion obama

You and self-promotion

Let’s apply this to streaming. Your main goal is to get viewers to your channel, get more followers and become a partnered streamer. Then you should start looking at what value you can provide that’s still related to what you do on your channel. Find where your audience hang out and target them with value. Even better target them with value that they need. Each time you’re building trust, your gaining credibility and you get to actually engage with people that are thankful for your content, even outside of your Twitch channel.

While you read this article you saw a ad from me. About my services etc. but since it wasn’t a pop-up and it was all wrapped in content that you could use. It’s not a ask it’s a give. Give value and it will never feel weird to self-promote. You’re making other peoples lives better, and can anyone really complain about that? People like to get value and they see that you spend time on doing something, that’s why the Twitch culture exists. We appreciate hard work and value in all forms so we give back when there’s an opportunity. It feels good and so should self-promotion feel. It shouldn’t feel bad for you and it shouldn’t feel bad for the one receiving it.

For this to truly work you’re going to have to know a few things first. First of all you need to know you target audience, if you don’t know that then you need to start thinking about it as soon as possible (it’s not everyone, it’s not a strong community and it’s not gamers, that’s already everyone that goes to Twitch). You need to know you content. Understand what is that you’re doing, what you’re brand is, what’s unique about your channel and how all of this relates back to your content. Do a Google search for “content is king” and you’ll see why.

Oh right retweet services…

Oh. Right Twitch retweet systems and the like. Their user base are almost all streamers so if your target audience is streamers then great! If your target audience is anything else, and it probably is then don’t use them.

They’re doing one thing right however, most of the time their end goal isn’t to share your channel it’s to convert you to use their other services. They do that by giving value (fake value) by re-tweeting your tweets and then want you to use their different services.  So you can at least take inspiration from what they do and apply it to what you do.

I’m going to expand more on self-promotion in the future, I love the topic and I’ve seen such an enormous increase in numbers across both my blog, website and podcast over the last few weeks only.

Going to start working slowly on my next project as I start to get closer to figuring out everything about me streaming on Twitch. I really hope that this next project will be something awesome for every streamer out there.

Want to know more? Maybe I’ll spoil it on Twitter? Who knows… so probably should follow me on Twitter @visiblespeech AND you should keep an eye on, I just hope that my new internet actually gives the speed it promises.





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