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Public accountability and announcements on Twitch

By 12 June, 2015 No Comments

I was walking my dog earlier and was thinking about what I was going to do tonight… when all of a sudden I realized I hadn’t even started a article. Did I panic? No. Of course not. But don’t I have public accountability to push out two articles a week? I do. And I would feel bad if I didn’t come up with a topic for today, and for a few seconds I did, I felt as if I’ve failed my commitment and that I failed you, the reader. Then it hit me I do have a topic, the very thing I did: Public accountability.

Another name for this is schedule or announcements or “announcements of announcements”. People seem to be really afraid to to go and publicly set standards or deadline for thing. Two things I’ve noticed that people are afraid of: 1. Failing the commitment 2. Missing the deadline 3. Letting the competition know what you’re doing.

Let’s go over why you shouldn’t worry about them at all. Here’s some words of motivation.

Failing the commitment

A lot of people get stuck here. I know this can be the biggest hurdle for anyone. It was for me. I wasn’t sure that I could do this, and I thought that for over a year. I kept doing other things to maintain what I already had built. However it’s only when you take that step that you will know if it’s right or wrong. It will never happen by you standing by and waiting. What are waiting for? Better days? They won’t come. The best day is right now. If you read this I want you to this weekend start to working towards what you want, be it starting a Twitch channel or starting a show. Go all in. Don’t be afraid to fail. If you fail you’ve learned a lot more then when standing still and waiting for nothing. Still a bit uneasy about it? Then try it for a week but don’t push out the content. Do it by yourself, how does it feel? Not sure if you can commit to doing a stream 2 times a week? Try it by yourself first and see if it’s possible even.

Missing the deadline

This another one that I even can get stuck on. The most important part is to be honest and open, sometimes things happen, life happens and it happens to everyone. Including the ones that watch your content. So if you miss a day of streaming be honest with it, go out publicly and say why. Try not to half-ass it. Go out big make a video stream that video, stream your apology, do something, the world won’t end. Your viewers are human they’ll understand.

Letting the competition know what you’re doing

I’ve seen streamers around me being really worried about others finding out what they’re planning. They don’t want anyone to know since then the competition can come in and do the same thing. Never be afraid of this. First of all you already have thought about it, you’ve probably already started working on it and even if they get their version done before you it’s a bad undeveloped version.

Do it!

Go out and announce what you’re working on, if it happens it happens if it don’t then it don’t. If someone makes it before you, your version if better. Competition is good anyway.

With that said I’m working on some transparent business cards that will look really awesome. Looking forward to see others doing that and let’s see who has the best transparent cards at Twitch Con 😉

Alright I’m heading out to a media after work party now. Going to network with some awesome people outside of Twitch and see what they think about Twitch. I will write about my experience there next week.



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