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Official Twitch Sub Landing Page

By 2 November, 2017 No Comments

The other day all Twitch affiliates and Twitch partners got an email outlining something called sub pages. I like to look at these things that might seem small but will have a larger impact than what most might think. Now this is only a feeling but my feeling is that this is one of them. Even if at this stage the landing page is very limited.

What is subs landing page?

What is even a landing page? Well in marketing this is a vital step in sales conversion. Now the landing page that Twitch has introduced don’t really have an customization that’s specific for the landing page. However that dosen’t mean that there’s nothing planned. It’s an interesting start to something but this something can still be useful.


I did mention that there were no specific customization at this time. What they have done is instead using your Twitch cover and your biography. The biography is accessed though your Settings and the Twitch cover is (at the moment) accessed through your channel page by scrolling up.

It is interesting to see. Since neither biography nor the Twitch banner really sees any usage. The most curious one is the Twitch cover. It is the image that you see when you scroll up on your channel page. The curious thing is that in the beta site this feature is missing completely since there is no Twitch cover to scroll up to.

Cover image

This might mean to two things. Either we’re getting that back or it will be replaced with Twitch landing page cover. Hopefully is the last one. The reason being that the landing page and the channel page handles this cover very differently. The channel page sizes (not resizes) from the right while the landing page one sizes towards the center. If you upload an image that is supposed to work as a cover it won’t really work as a Twitch cover.

No matter what happens in the future. I do think the goal should be to focus on the landing page instead of the channel page. I guess it would depend on how or if they implement it on the channel page. But if you still have scroll up the focus should be on the landing page.


This is also something that is pretty underused. I think that the last time that I saw it being used was in the TwitchCon app for partners. It took their biography and automatically entered them into the system. It was weird. I haven’t really seen any usage from that in a long time. Just go to your own channel page and there’s no mention or toggle to show your biography.

We can pretty much use this as a call to action for the landing page.

How to use these

Even at the stage that it’s currently at it holds value. Besides the fact that this is great way to link people to your landing page directly. It includes you username, cover image and biography. That’s a great start. Let’s look what more can be done.

The cover page is nice… but… it is faded so reading it is not the easiest thing. Right now I think the best here is to first focus on the center of the image that you upload. Since everything in this responsive design comes in from the sides. That means that the smaller the screen the less you’re going to see of the sides (for mobile users since now this page is accessible from mobile as well).

I would avoid text due to it not being that readable. It’s also a bad idea to have text since we also have our biography and that will be text on text for the most part (or text next to text). Finally if they’re on this page they probably already know about you, your social media and all that stuff.

The really cool thing here is the biography. Now we’re not going to treat it as a biography in anyway whatsoever. Instead I would (and this is my early opinion) use it to pretty much talk directly to the person that got to this page. Thank them, greet them, include them… really keep them in mind with that write here.

The last thing is to keep it on brand.

I hope that you liked this article and that you at least found it somewhat informative. I always find there small changes super interesting and they have a tendency to have some larger impact than expected. 

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