Networking on Twitch, the who and the how

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Networking on Twitch is probably the most mentioned but least discussed, and when discussed most of the time it’s really bad. The advice that I’ve seen verge on spamming and that’s not at all what networking is about. Reading articles or reading books on networking won’t really give you a 1:1 relation to networking on Twitch, so I thought that it was time to give my thoughts on how to get going with that networking on Twitch, both how and with who.

Networking on Twitch: The who

Networking on Twitch?

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We all know that it’s other streamers that probably should be your focus. You can go for someone of a higher level than you, that can be like a mentor. Or someone at the same level, that can keep you on track. What they both having in common is that they should have the same mindset, direction and goals as you. If all you want to do is play around then someone else that do the same, and have no idea of what they want to do on Twitch, is the perfect fit for you. However if you want your channel to grow, you need to surround yourself with those that want the same. Streamers with a sense of business, motivation, direction and same similar goals. Then no matter if they’re on the same or a higher level than you, there will be a great exchange of ideas, cooperation and giving back and forth. Not only looking at numbers but at work ethic, experience and personality.

Remember that the people that you associate yourself will with reflect in who other people will see you. That might mean dropping a few contacts, that doesn’t mean that you can’t keep them as friends but in your closest network you want to all be on the same page and have the same goals.

Networking on Twitch, much like when you want to get viewers, isn’t about reaching as many as possible but reaching the right people that fit with what you’re doing. The hard part is figuring out how those people should be but for that you need to look at who you are and where you want to be in the future.

Networking on Twitch: The how

Networking on Twitch is like Aliens

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A lot of the things here are going to be almost the same points that I brought up when I talked about how to grow and audience on Twitch, in a few different articles. With the strongest point is what are you giving? What value are you adding to them? If all that you’re doing going to as many places as possible and saying “Here am  I work with me now!”? Then you’re doing something wrong.

Yes. You’re going to have to do something for someone else, by adding value. If you think that advertising your stream or saying that you to together is a great team is networking, you’re missing the point. It’s all about being the first one to provide value. Why are you doing this? So you over time can get value back and by giving value first you’re creating leverage. You’re now tilting everything in your favor. It might be a bit cynical to look at it like that, but you are giving value for free so not really a bad exchange.

The very first step might be easy, but it’s something you’re going to have to keep doing a second time, third, forth and so on. It’s not that easy and you have to do it without expecting anything back. The bigger the streamer the more of this you’re going to have to do and the more patience you will need to have for it to actually tilt over in your favor. Yes you’re pretty much guilt someone into give you something back. If you find all of that crazy then networking isn’t for you.

With that said I hope to you all at Twitch-Con! I’ll try to go to as many panels as possible and give you my impressions, if I agree or disagree with what’s said (I’ll probably disagree a lot, since streamer tend to only speak from their personal experince). If you want to get those thoughts and more then follow me on @visiblespeech. I’m going to switch from having articles on Wednesday and Friday to Monday and Thursday.



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