My TwitchCon experience

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TwitchCon Experience

As I write this I have no idea if it’s long or short since I’m still on the plane and writing it all on my phone while I watch Pitch Perfect 2 and sipping on red wine. That also my apology if this is a bit hard to read but it’s my quick unfiltered thoughts on the con.

Getting there

Flying in for my TwitchCon experince

San Francisco from the plane

After a 13 hour long trip all the way from Malmö to Copenhagen to Frankfurt to San Francisco I landed at my Airbnb. The days before the con I had actually turned my day around and went to sleep at 6 in the morning so I wouldn’t end up with too much jet-lag. I was ready for my TwitchCon experience.

The first thing I found out was that all of my roommates at the Airbnb all were going to TwitchCon, more on that later, had some social time and then it was time for some sleep since I had been invited to have breakfast with the StreamPro.

Woke up pretty early and got ready for breakfast. I also invited Steve, from the Airbnb, so we both headed over there. On the way we started talking about the content that Steve want to stream and went over his branding, shooting ideas and thoughts back and forth. I have to say that doing that is something I could do all day long with the whole TwitchCon experience.

Let’s start the show

When we made it over to Dennys. Met up with StreamPro and Chris from StreamerNews (an awesome blog about streaming news). We talk about streaming, as people that are passionate about streaming does, and about what might happen at TwitchCon. I must say this is the first time in a long time I’ve had a breakfast that big in one sitting and everything came with meat. All and all it was an conversation and something that I wish was recorded so everyone could have heard the ideas that were put forward.

The line was insane and it took just enough time to miss a little of a the announcements. I want to think about them a bit more before I can give a full thought out comment on what I think about them. The short version is that most of them comes with both pros and cons, but I really want to take my time and go over every possible detail and what can come from each thing before I form a complete comment on them.

I went to a lot of panels, why? I wanted to hear the different problems that streamers have. The more problems I hear about the more solutions I can present. And I do have solutions. For any avid reader of my blog would have heard a lot of the things that I’ve talked about being brought up on different panels. It’s always great to hear others talk about the same things that I do, it means that I’m doing it right and there’s both other professionals and streamers that are coming on board the LiveSpace train (even if they’ve don’t know it). Also I really wanted to see/hear about the con for every TwitchCon experince that one could have, no matter if you’re a streamer, heartstone streamer, e-sports organizer, company or even researcher.

TwitchCon experince panel on branding

Branding Panel

Of course one panel that I had to go to was the branding panel. Sure I got there a little late, due to another panel, but the very first thing that greets me as I’m about to sit down is my artwork that I’ve done for itmeJP. That’s a feeling I want everyone to feel, I think it’s the same feeling a proud father feels. I saw Steve and sat down with him, and as more and more point were made by the panelist Steve nodded over to me, since it had been things we had talked about earlier. Then it was time for Q&A and I had to ask a question and also take the opportunity to introduce myself. The question, I’m sure you can look up the VOD, was how we’re now moving things into HTML/CSS /JavaScript etc. and again they said they loved my work, and again I felt so proud and happy both that they gave a great answer and that they liked my work. After the panel I went over and talked to Bryan Veloso at the Twitch office hours. Sadly I had forgotten my business cards at the Airbnb but I did tweet him a picture of the card and he did favorite it so let’s hope that’s something at least. We talked about me doing it full-time and going all-in and it was, again, a awesome conversation that further made me realize that what I do is something that is not only important but beneficial for streamers. Then at the after party I spot the man, the legend, theGunrun. I’m a little bit buzzed but I’m at least able to convey that I work with JP and theGunrun then explains he’s a fan and asks for my business card and this time I had them with me, also the Twitch employees business cards are 100% swagger.

After that it was panel after panel and talking to all kinds of streamers and even those that only watch. And sometimes these conversation are not only giving but also important to understand what the viewer experiences and wants.

Then I also talked to all of the exhibitors at the Education Zone, I’ll go deeper into that in this week’s podcast, a few I want to mention are HoneyLedger, Flood Gaming and InfiniScene. Of course I’ll try to get them all on the podcast as soon as possible. I’ve already talk to them about it so I’ll reach out during the week to get confirmation on when.

I actually didn’t really have time to actually talk to that many bit steamers. I did meet JP and he did poke me (none sexual) and he’s such an awesome dude as always. Instead as I said I talked to a lot of small streamer and hang around the Education Zone people. At times they had to send me over to the CEOs or tech people that could answer my questions better. Speaking of feeling good, it feels good when the questions you ask need people higher up to answer and it makes me want to keep the podcast going. Funny thing I ran into a few developers that actually listens to the podcast and I’m going to being them on for sure. The GameWisp guys even listened to the podcast whole setting up their booth.

TwitchCon experince homies

AirBnB buddies

For me this trip was all about meeting people and not necessarily learning a lot. I do however that there’s a lot you can and will learn from the panels. It also showed in my inbox that people are starting to see the value in what I do since I got 2 new client offers before the weekend was over. When professionalism is introduced from the top streamers will seek out and quickly see what is and what isn’t professional. Before this a lot of streamers didn’t know that there was a world beyond cheap overlays and fake branding.

After party TwitchCon experince

TwitchCon After Party

As for some awesome people that I met and want to bring up here, since they gave me value in their time I’ll give them some back by talking about them here. First of all Steve aka Suave, a Hearthstone streamer,. He’s really in the starting phase and really looked at TwitchCon as a stepping stone and I looked towards him as measuring stick on what a new streamer can get out of the con. Then we have Maurice, that works with maintenance but with a passion in Smash 4 E-sports and manages the Horizon Line Gaming. We talked one evening back at the Airbnb and really tried to figure out what he could do to grow and motivation. Then we have Tara and Mia that does research on Twitch and the diversity and everything that comes with that. I’m going to keep talking about Taras research as it unfolds since it’s something I think everyone should read about. Lastly I want to thank the girl on the second floor of the Twitch After Party that took her time to dance with me, we were the two people keeping the second floor alive for a good minute. Sadly I never got her name but again thanks to her for being awesome as well. All of these people made my TwitchCon experience even better than what it already was so thank yet again.

The bad

I saw a lot of bad things as well. Let be real, as we always are here, there were a few things that really work that well. First of all, and this was echoed about a few others as well. Where are the new streamers? Someone that made it 2 or 3 years ago don’t know the struggles as well as someone that just started. During the the panel… It was somewhat addressed and I want to applaud ShannonZKiller for echoing my thoughts on networking at that panel, and I do think that this and the branding panel are the two must-see. I’m starting to feel that the Twitch upcoming education thing is in good hands after all.

A few panels missed the mark on staying on topic and became more of a entertainment show. Not a bad thing but if a panel is advertised as education it probably should be mostly educational. I heard this from a few other guests that even left panels due to this. They didn’t know the streamers on the panel and.came there to learn but sadly it was more fan service than what was expected.

Even if it had it’s flaws the con was a success and I wouldn’t want to have missed it. I’m grateful to have been able to go and it wouldn’t have been without the support from itmeJP and all of his viewers. Next time maybe we’ll see the con in Europe? A man can dream right?

For a post written on an airplane it’s not bad. I didn’t want to go over it again, since I’m very tired right now, I pretty much added some formatting and images but the rest is pretty much how I wrote it on the plane.

I’m going to record, or at least try to record, a podcast about my experience with the exhibitors at the Education Zone. It should be interesting to hear, if not to probably hear me try to talk while still jet-lagged. As a preview I tried to do simple logic on the way to the airport with my Uber driver. I wanted to say “8 to 5” but ended up talking about 9 to 5, 9 and 5 and 5 to 8 before I got to the correct statement, so should be fun/interesting to listen to.

I hope to see more of you guys at the next TwitchCon!



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