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For those that have gone to to contact me for my services or read the  last blog post and went to check it out (I know a lot of you did, I can see the analytics). You’ve seen that I have a crazy long contact form with 6 questions + all the standard name, e-mail, Twitch etc.

Why should you care? More often than not as streamers fill in the contact from they identify their own problems and needs. If they took another 30 minutes or so and looked over their answer they would benefit from it even if they don’t hire me. So let’s start the list!

  • What’s the optimal goal for this project?
  • Where do you see your channel a year from now?
  • What’s the most challenging thing about your channel right now?
  • Why do you want to do this change now?
  • What do you feel you can offer your viewers?
  • What’s your target audience

What’s the optimal goal for this project?

This question is designed to get you thinking about the real goal. I’ve seen it all from “I want to make money” to “I want to find a purpose in my life”. There’s of course no wrong answer here and it’s all about what the path of success looks like in your eyes. It’s not up to me to define success for you. It’s only you that knows what it is to you and it will, and does, look different for everyone.

Why is this important to me? Well I don’t know your goal then how am I suppose to solve the problems you’re having?

Why is it important to you? Having a goal in mind is one of those steps that is often overlooked. When you’re actually “forced” to sit down and think about it and actually write it down something changes. That goal becomes a reality. Trust me when you actually put things down on paper it’s a different feel than having it in your head. This is not the end goal and it’s not suppose to outline your end goal but it’s suppose to get thinking, that’s the general point of each question. This questions is however ever first for the main reason of opening you up to the idea that this is real.

Where do you see your channel a year from now?

The very first question have started you on the path of writing down goals and this question extends that. It allows you to understand that it’s a commitment or a marathon and not a sprint. Many have probably gone back and alter their goal responds (making that question even more important) after they’ve typed this in. We also start to outline the importance of your channel and the content that is your channel. It also open you up to going deeper into understanding your own channels future. It’s closely related to the previous question and again each question is position where they are for a reason so while each question is related to the previous ones it also links to each question above.

Why is this important to me? People have different time frames. Some want quick results and some understand that things takes time. But it shows to me where you’re at if this is something that is right for you to even do. Some come to me already partnered and that’s a very important aspect, some want to become partnered and that is equally important. Both comes with they own problems and solutions that are related to your situation.

Why is this important to you? Understanding that it’s not all about speed and one giant goal, and that it’s more about a long term plan. It’s not only about your channel but about you, and you are a big part of shaping your channel. Your goals shouldn’t be numbers and instead be about you getting better as a streamer. It shouldn’t be about being blinded by equipment, reward yourself at the right point and don’t push things into the future because you don’t have “the right equipment”.

What’s the most challenging thing about your channel right now?

We just opened you up writing and thinking about your channel so while you’re head still is there it’s a good time to ask about the problems your facing. These are very individual and often are very long and thoughtful. They tend to boil down to a few different things like people being lost in a sea of branding, ideas, competition, no viewers, retention, not understand and a lot more. This of course the most interesting answer people give and it’s extremely telling not only of what the project will be about but what each individual struggles with.

Why is this important to me? A designer at heart is a problem solver. Design isn’t making things look pretty and if you find a designer that’s focused on making things look good and that’s their selling point I would walk away if you’re serious about your channel. What design is about is solving problems, finding solutions with design and convey a message that is centered around you. With this question I’m able to look into what I can solve for you.

Why is this important to you? Knowing your weakness is and your strengths are THE most powerful tool set you can have for any type of thing you’re setting out to do. You don’t want to send time on something you can’t improve fast, if you want to improve on it then do so but understand that if you lack that tool it’s going to a long battle and most of it will be bad. Instead focus on what you’re good at and go all-in on that. When you know what the problem is you use your strength or find someone with that strengths to either fix it or use your strength to make it a non-issue. Yes I will say it right here that you can overcome a lot of challenges with your strength alone, not that it makes the problem disappear but when you’re outstanding in one thing people will take notice. Again we’re still opening up to a question that will come later.

Why do you want to do this change now?

We’re transitioning over more focus on your rather than your channel at this point. It’s an important switch and an important question to start it off with. It’s probably the only question that actually don’t have that much connection to previous question. Instead it relates to all the questions above at once, what a twist! Seriously it’s a question that you really should ask yourself. I’m sure that a lot of people stops here and leave the contact from and I have to be fine with that. Since if they’re not actually ready and don’t actually know why they want to change I know that they’re not ready.

Why is this important to me? Again it’s about me understanding where you’re at. It’s a way for me to understand you and for you to understand yourself.

Why is this important to you? If you’re not ready for a change then you probably shouldn’t be looking for it. Even if you want to change but don’t know why or why now is the right time. You might not be ready for a full commitment yet. On the flip side when you know “the why” then you’ll be able to visualize it and actually start working towards that.

What do you feel you can offer your viewers?

We’re already talked about strengths so this is where you outline your strengths. That’s really all there is to it. There’s a lot more to it but it’s more a “important to me” and a “important to you” thing.

Why is this important to me? This is an extremely important question to me. When I work with someone, especially if they’re a new streamer, is to know their strengths. When I know this about you I can start to think about what I can do to find a path for you. After all your strength is what will carry you to success.

Why is this important to you? Again knowing your strengths is that will set you apart. If you skipped reading anything before this you can read all about it under “What’s the most challenging thing about your channel right now?”. I’ll expand a little bit, your brand is more than your strengths, your interests, your passions and everything that makes you YOU. I talked about it in my most recent post.

What’s your target audience

We’re talking more about you but in this case the people that you want to reach. Now the most common answer is “gamers” now that’s not good enough. When you create a website “gamers” might be decent target audience. However on Twitch almost everyone is already a gamer, it’s a service for gamers so you’re not trying to reach anyone specific but rather everyone. When you try to reach everyone you’ll only end up reaching no one.

Why is this important to me? First of all it tells me were you’re at. It also tells me how much work there’s going to have to be in shaping your branding. This and what you can offer (of course there’s follow up questions to all of these) will shape the project and your branding.

Why is this important to you? This should hopefully, if you’re a reader, you know the importance of understanding and having a target audience. I wrote article about it and you might want to read that if you want to get a better insight. But to break it down it’s important for you to understand it since it will help you direct your content, social media, other content and branding towards those that you want in your channel and the community you want to build.

I hope this all gave you not only insight into my process but also insight into your own channel. Since I started using a longer contact form I’ve read it all. It started being sort messages but since I’ve written articles and case studies attitudes have changed (TwitchCon also changed a lot) and that’s another takeaway that I want you to bring with you. Your channel matters to your dedicated fans, they listen to what you say and they follow you into new ventures.

This week I want you to become a better streamer. I want you to do the best stream you’ve ever done. I want you to see things in a new way and see yourself in a new light.

Alright this ended up being a rather long article. My initial intention was to make it into two parts but it worked better as one article. Well I’m really busy this week I just finished a thing that I need to send out and I have a Skype meeting on Wednesday and a conference thing on Friday. I’m going to say it again I need to expand this business and get a part-time or full-time employee and a office, let’s start with the office. Want to know more about the office thing and more tidbits through out the week? Follow me on Twitter @visiblespeech 



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