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I was hesitant to post this. Mainly since I’m sure a lot of people will disagree with me but I realized that if I don’t put it out no one will even think about it and then we’re stuck in the same loop. Twitch might sound like an easy sell in the beginning. Twitch is for games so advertisers in the gaming industry should be all over Twitch right? Not completely right. Let’s look at the market there is for both non-gaming related stuff and gaming related, hopefully at the end you as advertiser or you as a streamer can see more options.

Defining Twitch

Let’s start with throwing the word Twitch out of the picture and let’s look at what the platform and the service boils down to. Twitch is a livestreaming social media with an gaming aspect (this is also what I tell people that I work with, sounds better than “video on the internet”). Why a gaming aspect? While the games are being played and watched on Twitch, they’re being played by individuals, sure some are there to check the game out but there’s more than that. People watch Twitch for the streamers, their view, their personality, their  knowledge, their entertainment value etc.

Breaking it down

You can’t put Twitch in a box when it comes to advertising and marketing. As with any other social media outlet Twitch has it’s own language and to go even deeper that that each streamer has their own community with it’s own language, and to go even further there’s a crossover between each community. If you’re doing your advertising and marketing correctly on Twitch it will have a rippling effect. Why haven’t anyone started doing this yet? The “language barrier”, it’s as simple as that, there’s a lot of re-search that have to go in behind a marketing campaign for it to be really truthfully successful on Twitch.

The language of Twitch

What’s the language of Twitch then? Let me start by saying what it isn’t. It’s not only gaming. If you want to stand out from the noise of games with something that’s engaging each community or a few selected ones. You’re probably better of making a great marketing campaign geared towards something other than gaming on Twitch than being more noise. All of this while still being geared towards to the community you’re applying you campaign on, and yes that will probably mean that you will have to alter your campaign depending on how many communities you want to reach. There is no one language of Twitch.

I’ve already said that Twitch is a livestreaming social media network. Therefor it would be easy to say “well then let’s learn the “language of Twitch””, sadly it’s not that simple. Twitch don’t have a unified language and that’s there the last part from livestreaming social media network comes in. Within the Twitch network there’s even smaller networks combined of stream teams and streamers, all of these have their own community and language.

For someone to be able to effectively advertise or use marketing on Twitch you need to figure out what community with in Twitch works best with your strategy. It will take time to figure this out, especially if you don’t know what you’re looking for. It’s not enough, and never will be, that you “understand” Twitch, understanding Twitch will give you a number you can show but no conversion.

If you want the numbers to show then Twitch is great, if you want the conversion you have to start thinking and actually dedicate time and money to get the right campaign going. Taking the same ideas you had on Twitch or YouTube will not work the same way on Twitch. Not saying that it’s not happening right now but there’s need to be a new approach. For some reason no one is really taking a stab at looking at Twitch in a different light, other then what’s been already done before, however with something as new and engaging as Twitch there’s endless possibilities and new ways to market.

You want to advertise on Twitch

Streamers on Twitch have a very unique voice in the social media landscape. While other social media like Twitter is built around weak ties and loose connections Twitch is based around tight communities, they also have weak ties but the strong ones have an ability to really grow in a Twitch community. It doesn’t matter if it’s a big streamer or small streamer the community around that stream will be equally strong.

The ability to get at the trust that a streamer have built is something that is extremely valuable. It’s a personal connection that takes years to develop and now you have access to it. As it stands there are a lot of different ways to approach Twitch but there isn’t one way, that’s the important part. Instead having a grasp of what each community and streamer can do for you is vital to the conversion success of a campaign.

What does the future hold?

With the news of the Twitch and Roku thing there’s even more potential for both sides to get good deals. Evermore so for channels that have show themed content. It will be a interesting year to say the least but I’m sure that streamers and advertisers both will be able to adapt to the changing landscape of Twitch. At different speeds and some might even fall behind or even mind a different niche inside of Twitch and outside of the changes. Those things will both naturally happened as well as being planned out.

I’ll write a longer article with my opinions on the Roku thing, it’s potential and a few UI/UX things.

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