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Image copyright on Twitch

By 12 October, 2017 No Comments

There’s recently been a lot of talk about copyright and DMCA takedowns when it comes to music on Twitch. The reason for this comes from someone, at first, getting an email about DMCA takedowns. While that did turn out no to be the case when it comes to this particular issue (it, so far, seems to be another issue). It did start a very important conversation about copyright. So what I wanted to talk abut here is the copyright that exists on art, images and design.

First of all I’m not a lawyer. What I do know is that there’s very much copyright on images. This means that the usage of any imagery that you don’t own or have the right to use has a chance to get a DMCA takedown. This goes for putting it in your alerts, panels, branding and so on.

In most cases, that I’ve seen, it’s not used in any form of trans formative work. Instead it’s being straight up used as it’s part of the streamers brand. There’s a very good reason why Twitch only allows for transformative works when it comes to the usage of Twitch emotes of copyrighted characters. For instance if you simply¬† uploaded a cut out image of Sonic it wouldn’t go through their system. What does work is if that Sonic is transformative and more so an artist rendition of it.

On the positive side of things, at least the clients I have, brings up this issue. They’re don’t want to use copyrighted imagery in their branding. Even IF they would have wanted to use it I would have declined them as clients. Why? I run a business and I am responsible for the usage of third party work in the work that I do as well.

If you look at the images that I use for my header images for my articles. They’re all either photo’s I’ve taken myself, pexels images, transformative work or images I have the right to use and change.

Don’t risk getting DMCA takedowns on your content. While Twitch can mute your VOD’s for music and that they do provide alternatives for music that you can use, and you can even buy a Monstercat licences. They can’t mute an image. That’s all up to you. If you think that this isn’t something that happens keep in mind that there have been DMCA takedowns on emotes.

Thank you for reading this short little article. I hope that I gave you somewhat of a better understanding of the danger of using other peoples work in your broadcast. 

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