I’m on a TwitchCon panel! Do you want my spare badge?

By 6 September, 2016 No Comments

It’s been out there for awhile now but I never did make a post about it here. It’s official I’m not only going to TwitchCon I’m attending as a panelist! For the ones reading the newsletter here already knows this but I’ll post it here as well so everyone can see it now. Below is the current information (it might change on the 15th September since it will be finalized on that date).

The Streams of Production

Saturday 13:00 – 14:00, BibleThump (San Diego Convention Center)

This panel presents an opportunity to see and discuss the less visible types of work that go into a successful stream. From graphic design, to chat moderation, to video exporting and highlighting, streaming is a complex ecosystem of labor. Come learn how all the moving parts fit together with contributions from a partnered streamer, a host and e-sports competitor, a casual streamer, a graphic designer, and a GM/moderator.

inspectorbeans (M), tristarae, AdamKoebel, Daniel Weijden, Seltzer

But wait there’s more!

I’m going to try and bring some goodies for TwitchCon. What’s that? I don’t even know yet but hopefully I’ll have that sorted in time. Nonetheless since I was going to go with someone but they dipped out I now have an extra ticket and at first I was going to do a give away but that would take too much time. So instead e-mail me at with a reason why you want the 3-day pass badge. The only thing is that I have to pick it up on sight since I’m not in America so I can’t send it to you.



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