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Grow on Twitch by understaning your strengths and weaknesses

By 1 June, 2015 No Comments

What are you missing? Why haven’t you hit that number 1 or 2 or 10th spot yet? Why is someone else doing better? Maybe you’re doing too much at once. You’re trying to be best at everything at once. Why do you do this? It’s natural we want to show of that we can do it. Stop. Let’s end that here and now. You need to understand who you are, what’s good, what’s bad, no until then can you truly excel on Twitch.

Understanding that you suck at things

Yes. You suck at things. So do I. You’re better than me at things and I’m better than you at things. That’s the way it is, why are we trying to show off as it isn’t? Stop seeing being bad at something as something negative. Why do I get clients every month? Why can I sustain a good business with only 3-4 clients a month?  I accepted that I’m bad at many things and that allowed me to focus and be really good at one thing, Twitch. I shifted all of my focus to one thing. My thing. What’s your thing? Should you care about what you’re bad at? No. Focus on that one thing you’re good at and forget what you’re bad at. You don’t have to do what you’re bad at someone else how’s good at that can do that.

Don’t be afraid to be number 2

Not as in number 2 in viewers, but as in you don’t have to do everything behind your stream. If you can’t create certain things then don’t. If you can’t figure out what you’re doing wrong, guess what? There’s other places you can go than trying to solve it yourself. If you try to be the best at everything you will only end up being medicare at a few. Jack of all trades, master of none.

Don’t be afraid to start as someones number 2 either, instead grow from there and start to build. Building towards what? Building towards understanding what your strength is. You can’t only figure accept your weaknesses for you and your Twitch channel but you also have to figure out what your strengths are for you and your channel.

Understanding your strengths

Strength comes from understanding both what you’re good at and what you’re bad at. Then picking the thing you are good at and go all in with that. Forget what you’re bad at, someone else can do that, what are you good at? Why would you bet on your weaknesses when you can bet on your strengths?

Too many are trying to be someone else. Thy’re trying to be like one of the big streamers. They see someone doing something and the mirror it. What works for someone else will not work for you. They’re are working with their strengths as you should with yours. Understanding you and understanding your community is what will make people gravitate towards you. Don’t get me wrong BE inspired but BE who you are. Cliche? Maybe. But it works.

When you start to understand and accept what you’re not good at you will start to understand how much more important the thing you’re good at will grow. That will be your road to success.

Accept your weaknesses and build on your strengths.

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