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Free Twitch overlay – The Clean Professional Overlay

By 29 May, 2015 One Comment

Here you have it! A clean, professional and easy to customize free Twitch overlay template. This is only a fraction of what I usually offer for my clients but it’s enough to get anyone started on the right track. Download it, read about it below, test it, watch the videos and get in touch if there’s any problems. Enjoy!

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Been working on this free Twitch overlay for a few weeks now whenever I’ve had time left over. You can download it right here, from my server… please don’t kill my server ;_; and you’ll also get 6 videos that will explain how you change things, save and few Photoshop tricks.

The package contains the following:

  • Break/intro screen
  • Offline screen
  • Twitch panels
  • Alert templates
  • Music templates
  • Recent sub/donor bars
  • In-game overlay
  • In-game animated social media bug


  • Photoshop CC (Photoshop CS5 might work but no guarantee)
  • break screen for the free twitch overlayI know GIMP can import PSD files BUT it can’t handle the techniques that I’ve used.

Break/intro screen

You can use this for both break and intro screen. Try adding a music visualizer behind the text to get the cool effect of movement on your music player. As for notifications, I’m not sure what you guys want to use so if you want a tutorial for a specific one let me know and I’ll look into it.

Use the countdown to have countdown to when you start or when your break is over. Add a clock icon if all you want is a timer.

If you need one overlay with camera and one without you can disable the camera window and remove the layer mask. Then you can use them however you want.

Offline screen

The offline screen maintains the clean and professional look. You can easily add things, change color or add a new background. Anything that makes it standout is a great way to get going.

offline-card for the free twitch overlayTwitch Panels

One PSD to rule them all. I’ve added a PSD file that shows all of the panels you might need with both text and icon. You can easily export them all and if you don’t know how then there’s a video tutorial for how to do it.

Alert template/music template

You can easily apply this in different places. Either on your break screen or in-game. As long as you positioned them to the side and have them slide in from that side. They are in their own PSD file so you can easily change them to fit your Twitch channel.

There’s also a PSD file for a smaller music box that you can put over your in-game overlay.

Recent sub/donor bars

These are also in a separate PSD file that you can export PNG files from. That means you easily put them wherever you want or even use a program to animate them in.

In-game overlay

Keeping it clean and simplistic. Easy to add things if that’s what you want as well. All this contains is the camera window for in-game. If you use a green screen then don’t use this.

In-game overlay animated social media bug

This goes hand in hand with the in-game overlay. It will display your social media links and it will be animated. Even better it’s easy to change, both the color and to remove a social media link.

Future updates

If you want future updates follow me on @visiblespeech on Twitter. That also goes if you want to request anything for the overlay or if something is missing etc.

Font: Aileron
Icons: Freepik

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If you have any questions regarding this article, have something you want me to write about or if you have questions in general you can find me on Twitter @visiblespeech. If you have business inquires you can e-mail me at or use the contact from to start a conversation.



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