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Free Clean Professional AI/EPS Twitch overlay

By 5 June, 2015 No Comments

After I posted the original Photoshop version Mingye Zhy (@fenrysk) came with the best suggestion. To make the overlay into vectors and open it up for anyone with a program that can open EPS/AI files. That means a lot of open source/free programs are able to access it. Here you have it a EPS Twitch overlay

AI & EPS Twitch overlay breakYou can read the original post and see exactly what it can do and what you can do with it. Everything is still included in this version and I hope nothing have been left out, and if so let me know and I’ll fix it. There was a few things that had to be change with the EPS Twitch overlay compared to the original.

Included in the AI & EPS Twitch overlay

  • Sub/Donate/Follow Alert template (I would say it works best with TwitchAlerts)
  • Panels/Panel Template/Individual Panels
  • Offline Card
  • Break/Intro Card
  • Music BG small (for the big version export the Sub/Follow/Donate template without the text
  • Camera Window with Social Media bug

How to use the AI & EPS Twitch overlay

A few things to think about is that slices might not work in other programs. In Adobe Illustrator you can use it without any problems and export is the same way you do in Photoshop for this EPS Twitch overlay. However I can’t really guarantee that that function will work in every program that you use, therefor I’ve included a Panels folder and in that you can find a EPS/AI file for each panel.

The most used free program for vectors is probably InkScape and you be able to open it up without any problem with either the AI or EPS version. However since there are so many different ways to use this EPS/AI files, and my knowledge of InkScape is limited, I wouldn’t want to go in and create videos for EPS Twitch overlay since InkScape isn’t a strength of mine. If you create one or you know a good tutorial that shows of features let me know and I’ll link to it.

AI & EPS Twitch overlay windowSadly there is no animated social bug for the in-game card. Instead I made the camera window movable wherever you want it and having the social media under it. The reason is since that wouldn’t work with every program.

The font is still Aileron and it’s free so go and grab it. I can’t include it in the package since it has it’s own terms.

Download AI & EPS Twitch overlay

[purchase_link id=”3597″ style=”button” color=”yellow” text=”AI version”] [purchase_link id=”3598″ style=”button” color=”yellow” text=”EPS version”]


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