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Explaining the “Be yourself on Twitch” statement

By 15 July, 2015 No Comments

It’s been bugging me for a bit now. It’s sort of became the new “get a schedule”, and for those that have read this blog before know that I don’t really like blanket statements that are given without any explanation. As I said wrote this have been on my mind for a bit already, and I’ve been thinking about why streamers say it, what it means, why it can easily be interpreted and why the phrase should change.

Why isn’t it a good thing?

pillIt’s a great thing actually. Being yourself is exactly what you want. However, and this is a big however, using at as answer to a new streamer you can do a lot more damage then good. The reason? You are coming either from your own experience or looking at a big streamer that have said it. Why is this bad? Neither of you are starting out right now. That’s the big difference.

Why do streamers say it?

It’s not some evil ploy to make you fail. They are themselves, probably, or a edit version of themselves or if they want a entertaining persona. It’s still what they’ve decided on being. However it’s not the whole story. You have to look at it almost like a movie. You have the beginning, middle and end. Let’s for arguments sake say that a streamer say “be yourself” when they’re at the end of that movie. The thing is that they’re not the same as when the move started anymore. They have evolved into something different, as humans do. Their story have progressed, they’ve grown as streamer and become more confident in streaming. That’s where the danger in that statement comes and why it’s easy to misinterpret. It’s not the same as where you are right now and not the right mindset to be in.

The danger zone!

566px--YOUR_STOPPING_DISTANCE_IS_YOUR_DANGER_ZONE._CONTROL_IT-_-_NARA_-_516282Over the past months I’ve gotten a bunch of e-mails from streamers where they detail how they want to be themselves. When I then take a look at their channel, livestream and VODs it’s very clear to me that they’re stuck, mostly personality wise. This is the danger. They’ve heard that being yourself and being authentic (a word with no meaning, anything is authentic if we say it is) is the key. It’s not. Be yourself implies that you should be just as you are right now personalty wise. When in reality what streamers mean when they say it is to relax, feel comfortable and know where you want to be, both your personality and you channel. That means if you want to be a better streamer you better focus on being a better streamer. If you lack the ability to interact with your chat or engage during, before and after then you better work on that.

What to do then?

Don’t worry too much. Don’t get stuck in one mindset, don’t think that you have to exactly the way you are today. We evolve as people constantly, your Twitch channel today will not be like your Twitch channel in a year, and same goes for you. So don’t think that because a streamer tells you to “be yourself” that it means you have to be the same person forever. It’s not what they mean when they say it.

I don’t see “get a schedule” as a answer that much anymore, and that’s awesome! Don’t know if this thanks to this blog or not but one can hope that it made a small difference. Now I want the same to happen with “Be Yourself” let’s make it “Allow yourself to grow”. Be confident in who you are today but also in where you want to be. Set both goals for today but also longer goals, 1 year, 2 years even 3 years. Think long term and not short term. Invest when it’s needed and don’t be afraid to invest, don’t look at it as your spending but as you’re investing money and time into something that you want to do. As a hobby or as a job.

“Know what kind of streamer or person you wanna be”

– Hillary Nicole

I think this is probably the best short explanation, presented by Hillary Nicole (Pokket) and you can watch the video below. It’s not about being exactly who you are right at this moment but where you want to end up. Who you want to be and what your goals are with your stream. This is the reason why I have the question “Where do you see yourself in a year” on my contact form. It will tell me a lot about where and who you are as a streamer.

Alright, this actually ended up being a longer article then what I intended, but that’s good. If you find value in my articles please share with a friend, follow me on Twitter @visiblespeech or post on Reddit. Also this week is my birthday so I’m probably not going to post anything this Friday. Maybe I’ll squeeze in something I’ve started writing on before but never finished, but that’s a big maybe. If I don’t I want you to have a great weekend and I’ll see you next week!



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