Do you need a dynamic Twitch overlay?

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Let’s talk a bit about dynamic Twitch overlays since it’s going to come up more and more in the near future. I’m going to put it in my predictions for next year in January but I wanted to give a heads up for anyone that reads this.

What’s a dynamic overlay?

Did you know that pretty much every streamer already uses some form of a dynamic overlay? or at least aspects of one? It’s true! Things like alerts, tip goals and so on are all dynamically updated elements in your overlay. Anytime where you pull in data that updates automatically on-screen without you having to update it is dynamically changing.

As you can see dynamic overlays isn’t something new at all but instead is a staple in a streamers setup. It’s however interesting to see how that have changed over the last couple of years.

From nice to have to necessity

Alerts and such came from the need of one person and spread like fire. It started as a nice to have into a necessity for every new streamer out there. Why bring this up? Well we’re starting to see something grow behind the scenes right now. As smaller streamers start to make steps towards more professional streamers and to stand out from the masses.

We’re probably going to see another move towards dynamic overlays. I don’t say this only because I want it to happen but also because I’m already seeing requests for it from all kinds of streamers. Will it end up being a necessity to  have the most creative new dynamic feature that no one has? I highly doubt it. What it will create is however innovation for places like StreamLabs, Muxy and so on to incorporate new features. The only what that will happen is when there’s a larger need for it.

What’s the modern dynamic overlay?

When we’re talking about these we’re of course way past the alerts and who was the last subscriber. We’re talking applications that spits out a URL that you put into your OBS, we’re talking features that are built from the ground up with the streamers Twitch branding in mind.

We’ve come a long way and there’s a lot of things that can work for both large and small livestreamers. We’ve created things from on-screen emote fountains, dynamic starting cards, Q&A applications, custom timers, YouTube integration into the Twitch stream and so on.

Twitch dynamic overlays, do you need it?

Let me be the first to tell you that you don’t need them to standout. You should be able to stand out based only on your branding and maybe with aid from your visual branding. Can you make custom features a part of your brand? For sure you can! People like CohhCarnage and itmeJP have made it a big part of their stream to have a high production value.

For Cohh and JP it’s both to standout and innovate but also to solve a lot of problems that may arise over time as larger streamer. As you grow there will be different obstacles than you had while you were small and those needs to be addressed the same way you would a so called “small problem”.

My point here is that a dynamic overlay more so solves a problem than just makes you standout. Sure you could have something created similar to what we created for NoLay with an on-screen emote fountain that reacts to what is said in chat. While it solves a need and a want to standout from other streamers it also allows for the current audience to interact with what happens on-screen.

We’re currently working  on creating new dynamic overlays for RollPlay and all of that will be only solving problems that we’ve seen happen over time. I can’t talk too much about it but within time I’ll of course put out exactly why we did and why we did it. I’m sure it’s going to stand above and beyond anything even bigger role playing shows can’t replicate.

All in all dynamic overlays has a high investment quote and takes time to develop the right way. It’s not something that, at the moment, you can throw yourself into. I would advise you to talk to someone that can consult with you on what you actually need and what actually can make your stream standout. I’m not saying it has to be me 😛 but I’m open for business and we’ve done dynamic overlays in the past.

Since we’re moving into making some great dynamic overlays I wanted to start talking about it more and more. If you want to check out some of my Twitch dynamic overlay projects check out my Twitch services, or check the box below for more info.




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