Designing around Twitch Cheering and Twitch Bits

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It’s been awhile since Twitch Cheering and Twitch Bits got introduced on Twitch. While it’s a good start to have something that isn’t PayPal and can protect against chargebacks.  In a sense Twitch Bits are micro-transactions and there’s been plenty of streamers that, at the moment, don’t want to encourage the usage of Twitch Bits. What it comes down to are that there’s not enough in the system that benefit the end user (the audience). The hope if of course that over time Twitch will introduce more features and perks that comes with it.

Twitch Cheering and Twitch Bits is a hidden ranking system

A thing that have escaped people, during the whole micro-transaction and “not enough there”, talking points is that this is almost an achievement or ranking  system built into Twitch (I’ve talked about this before, a year ago). Right now as you send more Twitch Bits you “rank up”  and get a new chat badge. These exist in the following 1, 100, 1000, 5000, 10 000 and 100 000. Now this is where it starts to get interesting and there’s already a bunch of cool ways that people have used Twitch Cheering and Twitch Bits to create something interactive, for instance you have Muxy that created a really interesting concept for Twitch Bits that you should check out.

Standard Twitch Cheering and Twitch Bits

Standard Twitch Cheering and Twitch Bits

However, as I mentioned, this is pretty much a ranking system built into Twitch. Each of those badges can be seen as a new rank in your chat and on screen right? Instead of giving them number we can assign attributes like; wood, bronze, silver, gold, platinum and diamond. Now there’s of course only a small portion of what we can name them and it opens up the possibility to also be a bit more on brand with that.

Showing it visually on screen

Sadly this isn’t reflected in chat or in the badges in anyway. So how can we solve this? Muxy and StreamLab solves it by showing the built in icons as alerts or other similar things but there’s no true way of being on brand besides those built in icons and badges. We can circumvent this by looking for the cheer and the tracking information attached to each user. When we see that someone Cheer with 1,000 Twitch Bits we can interject a different image rather than the default icons/badges. Let me outline the type of scenario that I’m talking about:

  1. You Cheer 1,000 Twitch bits.
    – On screen you instead of the Bit Emote see an animated Cat (or any other custom icon).
    – You see your name and next to their name they now have a Bronze cat.
  2. You Cheeer another 2,000 Twitch bits.
    – On screen you instead of the Bit Emote see an animated Cat (or any other custom icon).
    – You see your name and next to their name they now have a Bronze cat (since you’re still on 3,000 bits and that’s 2,000 bits away from 5,000 bits).
  3. You Cheer another 2,000 Twitch bits.
    – On screen you see a new animated cat (since you hit 5,000 bits).
    – You see your name and next to their name they now have a Silver cat.
Custom Twitch Cheering and Twitch Bits

Custom Twitch Cheering and Twitch Bits

As you can see by piggybacking the Twitch Cheer/Bits system that’s already in place. This of course allows it to be better integrated with Twitch and not rely on any third party systems. Meanwhile it still leaves the door open to develop things on top of this system that allows for further interaction and integration in a Twitch community. When/if the Twitch Cheer/Bits system in itself gets new features that also means that this system would get new features and in the end that’s going to benefit the audience.

“Where can I find this system?”

That’s the thing this dosen’t exist yet and is only an idea but it’s an idea that a lot of streamers already have solved in different ways, most of the time with long development and expensive custom systems. By piggybacking an already built system we can get around a lot of things and still have it custom built with added features. This way we can cut down on the price of it and get it out there to stream communities of all sizes and that’s truly the benefit of this for your community.

If you read this at a later date there might already be something out there for it and even we, at LiveSpace, might have already created something that can piggyback the Twitch Cheering and Twitch Bits system. To be honest I’ve already talked with programmers about it and I’ve been told it’s more than possible so it’s something that we could produce (if we haven’t already) pretty fast.

Outside of the box thinking

When it’s all said and done this is all out of the box thinking and this is the sort of things that I keep pushing for. It’s not about following a trend but rather about setting it and that’s why I don’t believe in leaning too hard on features from pre-built or public tools and instead on custom built for your brand and what fits with your community.

It’s going to be interesting to see what will happen in the future. Twitch is constantly developing new things (and even things we don’t know about yet) and all of these new features will allow for new ideas and new progress outside of what they were intended for. I’m going to keep thinking about solutions to problems you might have and even problems you didn’t knew you had.

I’ve been prepping for TwitchCon and I recently got the questions that we’re going to go over. I’m, as always, will have a lot to say so it’s going to be a very interesting panel to say the least. I’m at least going to go deep into the questions when it comes to the behind the scenes stuff and hopefully you’ll hear things you haven’t read here before. I do hope there’s going to be a Q&A session so the audience can ask questions to us, are you going to be there and are you going to ask a question?

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