Creating content on Twitch for your current and future viewer base

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I would to briefly talk about one of the least talked about topic, of what I’ve seen at least, and that’s both your current audience and your future viewer base and the content on Twitch you’re making. It’s not only about the new viewers but also your current ones. Keeping them both engaged in your content can be very difficult since you tend to focus on only one at a time.

What users to not care about

There are always people that never will be your audience and there’s those that never will donate/subscribe or even follow. You don’t need to pay attention to them. There’s no reason to listen to that part of your audience since they will never do anything for you. During the “Give Give Give Give Ask” they will never go for the Ask part and stay on the Give forever. They will still give feedback and they will still speak up at times, so be careful since they really don’t care about your content on Twitch.

What to do then?

Your current one are already on path for the Give and Ask train and might have already been down the Ask a few times. They see the value in your content on Twitch and are willing to go down that road. Your future audience are the ones that know about you, heard your stuff but haven’t looked at all your stuff.

That doesn’t mean you can use memes, emojis, inside jokes etc. those things can actually even entice your future audience even more. It will create a mystery, a code to crack and the only entry is to either stay and chat or subscribe.

For those that have been wondering how important a stream title can be. It can very important, some people need a catchy title of your stream but your current ones probably won’t need it at all. They’ll probably watch you without even taking a second to look at your title, unless they look there for information of what you’re doing on your stream, but if they’re dedicated they will most likely already have an idea of what you’re doing.

What is a first time viewer getting out of your stream?

There are certain things that people like when they tune into a stream. The point isn’t to attract everyone. You only want to get your target audience right? And don’t limit yourself to a age group, go deeper, what part of that age group?

When having your stream up think about if it’s expected from your, if it’s part of a commitment and in general part of your personal branding. If it’s not then it probably will loose a few of your current aduince. It might get new ones since it’s new, but they might get lost once you go back to your “regular” content on Twitch.

When it comes down to the future audience, ask yourself is you’re providing enough “value” in your content on Twitch. That value can be, as it is in most cases, entertainment. But also an array of other things from education to really any type of value you can think of.

You want to convince your future audience that it’s worth following or subscribing to your content on Twitch and the best way is to show them that they can find value in your content. To see that spending time on your stream is worth it to them.

Even more so if you have a show on Twitch and YouTube, that back catalog will be the gateway into getting into all of your content and finding that value along the way.

To think about it or not to think about it

You don’t need to think about it, some naturally do these things and are able to relate to both current and future viewers. It’s more up to you if you want and how much you need to think about it. It might be really important for some to get that going and for some less important, but do think about if is or it it isn’t important for your content on Twitch

Being all over the place, who are you even?

Another aspect is that if you verge away too far constantly. Trying to grab those quick viewers and fast money, all you will end up doing is being so unfocused that no one will see any value in what you do. It will only be a random cluster f of things. Think about what audience you’re aiming at, if it’s at the start go for the future audience if it’s further down the line it’s both, and if it isn’t both then it’s the current one that you need to focus on. Is it slower? Yes. But the overall growth will be better and stable over time.

For more content follow me on Twitter @visiblespeech I post two times every week Wednesday and Friday so there will always be new content each week. I’m looking to branch out and get a stable of people that I reefer work to that I’m not able to do. Right now I’m looking for someone with PHP and JavaScript experience that want to work with streamers.



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