Case Study: N3RDFUSION E3 Overlays

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In time for E3 I was contacted by Matt (Sevadus) from N3RDFUSION to create the graphics for their broadcast. This wasn’t a re-branding but rather working with their current brand. Hopefully this article will give some insight into how to work with an existing Twitch brand instead of creating one.

Brand guidelines

N3RDFUSION already have an established brand so that means that there’s branding guidelines that has to be followed. It would be possible to extend it as well but with the limited time given for this project it wasn’t really an option to get it right. With this project, with N3RDFUSION, I were handed documents that outlined measurements, color codes and specific typefaces. I was told by Matt hat it’s ok to play a bit loose with the typefaces, but I decided to play it sort of safe (due to the tight deadline) just in case there would be any issues. All of the color codes are specifically linked to either each of their streamers (BaconDonut, DansGaming, Sevadus, PauseUnPause and Giant Waffle). Each having a distinctive pattern and a separate “mascot”.

Now I’ve talked about the benefits of having branding guidelines before. To put it simply you can cut down on a moodboard when you actually have something solid to go by already. That cuts down on confusion and on pre-planning. With that we were able to hit the ground running.

The project

The order was pretty straight forward:

  • Lower-thirds
  • Twitch panel  ads
  • Promotion ads
  • Implement E3 logo with N3RDFUSION logo
  • Schedule
  • Starting
  • Highlight overlay
  • PIP-overlay

Since this all got approved right away I’ll just run through each step so you can get a better understanding for each thing.

Logo changes

N3rdFusion Branding E3 logo

E3 logo incorporated

The very first thing that was needed, since it was going to be implemented in the rest of the package. As you can see I’ve followed the N3RDFUSION guidelines to not have the logo too close to the wordmark. The second version uses the mascot next to the E3 logo. The E3 logo itself also has a blue tint to it to better make match up with the mascot and the background. All of this results in a look that’s cohesive with the N3RDFUSION bradning, it’s the same way that Twitch themselves gave the E3 logo a purple tone for their promotional things.

I was kicking around a few other ideas before this. Some that used the same typefaces as the N3F wordmark and had the E3 logo two main colors. While it wasn’t half bad it wasn’t what I felt should be expected from something like this where the E3 logo itself hold a lot of power.


N3rdFusion Branding Lower-Third E3


These were made using the colors and branding guidelines from each member of the N3F crew. Using different methods to get the patterns not to disturb the name and Twitter handle. This combined with adding their version of the logos to them. Giving them all a unique look that can easily be re-used in any other way.


Twitch panel/promotion ads

N3rdFusion Branding Promotions

Promotion images

In the promotional Twitch panels you’ll once again see the extended branding used. In this case it was more suited towards only E3 and as you can see the E3 watermark was included once again. Both the wordmark version and mascot version are used since they fill the space up in different ways.


For the broadcast itself there where a few things needed starting with the cards that would in a way wrap the show. Again using the space and patterns to give it all a more solid feel and yet again utilizing the branding that was already there and combining it with the extended branding. Since having the patterns these faint isn’t part of the original branding, but also isn’t against it.


Finally we have the two overlays that’s actually seeing during the broadcast. As you can see they’re pretty similar in style but fills two different roles.

First we have the highlight overlay that’s used to display highlights from previous broadcasts while there longer breaks. It’s also used to be able to quickly see the upcoming events that N3RDFUSION would cover. It all needed to be streamlined as to not cover too much of the screen but still be able to convey all of the necessary information.

The final overlay was the one for the main show. Much like the highlight one there had to be a balance between the amount of information and the screen real estate. Being able to show things that had been announced and also be able to show those that came to the stream during the broadcast wouldn’t be confused over what was going on.

I’m not 100% sure I’ll be able to push out an article for Thursday, since I’m travelling to Amsterdam tomorrow (Tuesday), I might write something up during the trip since I do have a few thought how to maintain your following even when you’re away. I’ll be giving Twitch related tweets throughout the week but also related to traveling and having fun/relaxing. Let’s see if that’s appreciated. Check out below to find out more about me!



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