Case Study: Aesthetic Gamer Twitch branding

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Aesthetic Gamer has a very interesting proposal when it comes to his channel. It’s not only about gaming but about health and fitness as well. The key was to take aspects from that while still maintaining the gaming aspect.


Me and Aesthetic Gamer actually started talking at the end of last year. The reason why we didn’t start working back then already was that at the moment the investment wasn’t right. That happens and can happen to the best and at the moment I’m actually waiting for a few people to accumulate the amount needed for the right investment.

You can see that in action with Freak Hopper, that actually have set a donation goal for it. I might be biased but with the amount of people that set goals for microphones and capture cards, why not branding? They all both provides a better experience for your viewers but also allows you to grow as a Twitch streamer (when done the right way).


Aesthetic Gamer Twitch branding

Aesthetic Gamer Moodboard

After me and Aesthetic Gamer had talked about what we wanted the end project to look like and feel like. I started with a moodboard to get all of those thought and my thoughts into something visual.

As you can see the moodboard is highly sleek yet have a playfulness to it. This was important since Aesthetic Gamer wanted to have a anime character as an avatar, and that actually introduced a problem. I’m that well versed when it comes to drawing anime and while I do take inspiration from eastern art, but more modern, it’s not one of my strengths. I was upfront about this (very important) and we agreed that if I was to do something that was more towards anime I needed to have some wiggle room to use my own style.

Avatar illustration

When creating this illustration I started with a rough sketch that I then brought into Adobe Illustrator. I know that a lot of people don’t like Adobe Illustrator, since it has a learning curve even if you’ve used Photoshop, but I like it and I have a lot of experience with it.

What you can see here is me going from sketch to final version. Now in reality there’s a lot more to it then this, path changes, smoothing, adjustments and probably a 100 different layers with shapes and gradients (you can see that in the wireframe version).

Compared to the rest of the branding this has a playful aesthetic and that actually tends to work really well together. The reason for that is that you break it all up with both the style and the colorfulness and that in turn gives it more personality.


After the illustration was done I moved onto the logo. I actually don’t start with the rest of the visual branding until I’ve done most of the ground work. That dosen’t mean that I don’t have a picture in my head, after all that’s what the moodboard is there for.

The logo is clean, simple and expressive while maintaining both the gaming aspects (headset) and the fitness aspect.


To iconography is probably the most overlooked things in branding. Most Twitch designers pretty much go to different websites and download the most common icons. That’s the reason why pretty much all icons look the same, just different colors and in some cases bad drop shadows.

I do take pride in the fact that I create iconography for every branding project that I do. When you create your own iconography it gives the entire branding a more exclusive look and feel. Be careful if you’re going to do it on your won since if done wrong it can have the opposite effect. While there’s nothing wrong with using standard/common iconography but it’s not really proper branding and isn’t going make it feel as if it’s part of your brand at the end of the day.

These icons are made in Adobe Illustrator and these particular ones are made with the clean and sleekness in mind. How these icons are used you can see the best in the final version but they tend to show up in the panels for the most part.


After the logo and avatar was approved is when I start to actually work on the visual branding for the rest of the project. In this case Aesthetic Gamer wanted to use the color red. For those that have read other case studies of mine know that red can be a difficult color to work with.

I used red more as a accent color, as much as possible, rather then a key color. That allow there to be contrast while still allowing for the red to take center stage.

If you check the panels you can see how I implemented the iconography. What I also did was to take an element from from the main cards (offline, break etc) so if you look at the top bar you can see there’s a “lip”. You can see that that lip is repeated in the panels giving it a unanimous feel.

Final version

Not that much changed from the preview so you pretty much go through the final version below and I give a short description below that.

As you can see this contains a lot of different cards and even a custom countdown script. As you can see the lip graphic is used in more then one way, on both the Twitch panels and the workout card. There are some cases where the lip isn’t necessary and it’s better to give the information in large text instead, mostly when it comes to social media.

Overall I hope you can see that there’s a certain style/feel going through the all aspects of the branding and that the playfulness goes through it as well. What I felt was an important aspect was to keep both of those aspects going from start to finish. All the way from usage of illustration to logo and all the way down to iconography.


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Have a great weekend and hope you have some awesome Twitch streams!




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