Businesses are coming to Twitch

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Businesses are coming to Twitch

I’m sure that you have wondered why the Marriott have such a big presence at different gaming expos and working closely with streamers. Even the people that are working with them probably have no idea why. So let me break it down in a few paragraphs and also hopefully show you what’s currently going on outside of Twitch.

For those that don’t know Marriott aren’t new to media and building up their brand in new ways. The fact that they’re going over and looking at Twitch is part of that marketing. It’s their way of approaching the new generation of millennial travelers. The Marriot knows that content marketing is the go to thing when it comes to this generation. Do you know what is that you do on Twitch? Content creation. That’s why businesses are coming to Twitch. If or when their next step in that happens is a good question and I would love to talk to them about it in-depth.

They know that the conversation isn’t they talking about themselves but letting you have a opinion and speak to you and let you speak. That’s also a big reason why Twitch, Twitch chat and emotes are such a powerful tool, but more on that later.

The right amount of influence

Let’s look at Marriot for starters. Do you know what hotels have? TV sets, and a lot of them. How long do you think it takes before the Marriot broadcasts Twitch livestreams on the intranet? I’ll even argue that Marriot won’t be the first or the last to start and look at Twitch as a platform that they can reach a certain audience through. Now in this post-BobRoss era traditional media will start to see the power that not only the platform have but the power that certain streamers have.

A lot of marketers won’t look at the number and instead direct their eyes at the influence that you have. Now influence of course can be a lot harder to measure then a number. So how do we measure your influence? It’s all about your presence, not only on Twitch but on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. The better, someone like me, can see that you’re an active content creator and the more paths I can take a marketing campaign and the better I can sell it to a company.

We won’t say goodbye to Razer, Elgato etc. for awhile but we already see businesses are coming to Twitch and that companies talking with streamers (also if you’re talking with companies you better take a consulting fee) about Twitch from their perspective. There’s also been companies that have run marketing campaigns on Twitch either with streamers or with their own channel. We’ll see more companies coming in from the outside and trying out Twitch in different ways, be it with you or without you. It’s up to you to position yourself in the right way for them to be able to work with you.

Getting to the right place

This the struggle not only for smaller but for bigger streamers as well. A big number don’t always mean you’re going to have the most influence. You can build a strong brand a strong community around with a smaller viewership, and in some cases it’s even better. A bigger personality might have a big number, and some marketers that’s very important, but to others it’s a lot more important to reach a certain group of people. Even more so is it important to reach those that actually will listen to the message and be apart of the conversation.

It’s not only a good thing for other companies but for you as well. The stronger your conversation with your audience is, and the stronger the bond is between you, the better return will you start to see on both subscribers (if you’re there) or in merchandising. A lot of streamers are really hung up on donations/tipping and it’s become a vital part of the sustainability of a channel. However you might want to move away from that as soon as possible, and actually it is possible already. If you’re able to convert as much as 1 person that buys something from you, be it a t-shirt, postcard, digital products etc. you’re ready to start selling.

Selling a product doesn’t have to be more difficult then setting up a PayPal. With services like GameWisp you can even setup a alert system for it. With StreamPro you can link things like TeeSpring. It’s true that tips don’t have a forced price point and at this moment there’s no service that links to Twitch that allows you to sell something digital with a flexible price point. However it’s not a bad idea to actually give someone that “tips” you, first of all it’s the start of a value train and secondly it’s proof that you have given something to them with receipt. That way it circumvents the payback since there’s proof of a transaction.

The world outside of Twitch

I’ve been spending time with companies that isn’t at all connected to gaming or Twitch in anyway. However the interest in the platform have come from both political, environment, start-ups and other marketers. That means that it’s time to make a few changes both for me and hopefully you as well. Now this is a lot of speculations but it’s safe to say that more people want in on Twitch. It’s all about how you handle not only that transition but also how you handle your brand for when that time comes. There’s no one way or even a correct way. Your brand is your brand and if you don’t want to be positioned in that realm you can break the trend and go back to what streamers used to do earlier. It will work since it’s a break from the norm and whenever there’s a break from the norm it’s something interesting. The same can be said for those that are the first ones to actually work with companies in a fluid way.

There’s a lot that can go very right but there’s a lot that can go very wrong. Hopefully those of us that are looking at these things everyday are able to see the trends and move towards them before they’re everywhere. That’s the reason why I’m out there talking with companies and when that break comes to work with different companies that want in on the Twitch thing. I’m going to welcome them in, be it a way to better handle finances specifically for streamers, health for streamers, political gaming(?) etc. that’s actual discussions I’ve had so businesses are coming to Twitch.

I’m going to keep talking with different business in Sweden. It’s a good way to get out my name to them and it gives me some great insight into the problems that they see with Twitch. When I see a problem I guide them in the right direction and then hopefully they’ll grab me when it comes time to make the jump. Then I’ll grab the people that I’ve worked with that I feel are in the best positions to help them further. You can follow me down that rabbit hole on Twitter @visiblespeech




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