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Build attention and trust for you Twitch channel

By 25 February, 2016 No Comments

Attention and trust are the most valuable things when you’re about to change anything. Be it growing your Twitch channel, growing your Twitch community or any other form of change that’s associated with your Twitch channel. So how do you build attention and trust for you Twitch channel?

The attention/trust circle

The attention and trust circle is an endless loop. You don’t get attention unless you have trust and you don’t get trust unless you have attention. Does that sound similar to your struggle to grow your Twitch channel? That’s because it is. Breaking this circle or breaking into this circle is what most, if not all Twitch broadcasters struggle with.

Getting attention can be very simple but won’t get you trust. A pop-up ad or spamming Twitter will get you attention but it will gain you no amount of trust. So how do you even get started with something this “complex” as to build attention and trust for you Twitch channel?

Generosity: give, give, give

We’ve all seen the posts on r/Twitch or heard people mention that you should be on social media. However they never give you the right formula for it, isn’t that strange? It’s like they actually have no idea how to reach people. I can go as far as tell you that even “guides” on r/Twitch written by support staff are highly misleading. I don’t think that’s the intention of them but when it’s viewed through “this is how I do it” and “this is how I see big streamers do it” you’re going to end up having a bad time.

What does work? Generosity. Is it that simple? Yes it is. People trust other that step up to the plate before they have to, they trust you when you keep your promise (consistency and to a large extent your schedule) even when it’s not convenient and they trust you when you speak the truth. We’re not going to be working on the hope that people will talk about our generosity with others and that word is always going to weigh a lot more then a bad guide or an advert. That in turn will give you more opportunities to be generous. You think you’re done? No you’re not. This won’t and shouldn’t end at no point is there a moment where it’s your turn to take. You give, give, give and then you give some more.

Let me boil that down

If you show up, give, give, give, treat peoples attention with kindness and you’ll earn trust. That will break you into that attention/trust circle and the byproduct will be that people will show up and listen to what you have to say.

To get that attention, you can go about it in many different ways, but the most effect and most giving to YOU and YOUR AUDIENCE (future or present) is to be generous. The fact is that you’re probably already doing things that’s generous when you stream, that’s after all the key why people donate. They find value, enough value to donate, in your broadcast and want to repay you for your generosity.

What you might no be doing, thanks to bad Twitter/social media guides on r/twitch, is to do the same on other platforms. That dosen’t mean that people are going to go out of their way to donate to for your awesome generosity on Twitter but what it will lead to is sharing of your content. If you actually want your Tweets to spread you can apply the same things you’re doing on Twitch by simply stepping up even when it’s not needed, speak your truth (being authentic) and doing that even when it might not be convenient. That’s how you build trust and trust will give you attention. That attention is the opportunity for you to show that your audience can trust you.

The proof is in the smörgåsbord

I’ve done and do this. I give away everything I have with my own voice even during the holidays, my birthday and when I’m sick. What do I get? I get shares and they might be visible at first but they’re there. From mentions in reddit posts, mentions on Twitter, in e-mails, word of mouth etc. The best part is that it’s on their terms when they’re ready and I do the same for those that I trust. I mention previous clients, people I’ve talked with and recommend services that I trust and that I have a relation to (relationship marketing).

Let me repeat: If you show up, give, give, give, treat peoples attention with kindness and you’ll earn trust.


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This article was short and to the punch. I like it. When I think something is broken I’m going to speak about and there’s more coming. I was out walking my dog earlier and I realized a statistic that have been going noticed by a everyone. I’m actually going to be a tease about that and not let you know right now but save it for when the time is right. It’s however something that have been right in front of our eyes and you’ll see me address it with my upcoming project… I guess you’ll have to follow me on Twitter to get updates on the whole thing as it progresses forward @visiblespeech 😉 




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