Understanding and Breaking the Twitch Meta

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Today is my birthday so I’m going to keep this short… however I’ve said that in the past and those articles have ended up being some of the longest.

Twitch is the world’s leading social video platform and community for gamers, video game culture, and the creative arts.”

The Twitch Meta

Gaming. Yes. Do you know what a game has? It has a meta. With changes, behaviors and adaption we get to see new metas form in games. To me it’s one of the most interesting aspects of gaming. How a play style of strategy can go away or transform. That, to me, has always been the beauty of gaming.

Allowing oneself to see and understand the meta is however not only in gaming. I’ve taken the same principles and applied them to Twitch marketing, networking and Twitch branding. This is how I’ve been able to out do other in the same field. It’s how I’ve “predicted” things to come and it’s how I look at marketing for the clients I work with.

What is the Twitch meta then? While I could give you a rundown over what the current “meta” is that might have changed depending on when you read this article. For instance we didn’t used to have bits (or for that matter bit cups) and even before that subscriptions didn’t exists, and even just a few months ago we got affiliates.

Things change and they can change fast. That’s why I rather define how the Twitch meta changes. In a game we have patch updates, balancing, new maps, new weapons and so on. The same way we have new updates to Twitch (bits, affiliate, subscriptions), new balancing (affiliate vs partnership), new maps (IRL, cooking, social eating) and new weapons (Twitch Branding, Dynamic Overlays, Animated Alerts).

Going With the Meta

One of the most common strategies on Twitch is to follow the meta. This is most common by smaller and mid streamers. They look at what others are using and do the same thing. This works but that’s really all that it does. The same way that adapting to the latest meta in a game allows you to play at an equal footing with other players.

However that dosen’t mean that you’re going to be the best player in that game. If you are you’re surviving on sure skill, and there’s an argument for that, but that means that you have to be a top player. Still even a top player can be toppled with a meta that changes their play style.

Breaking the Twitch Meta

When a lot of people, and even the people at the top, are just going with the current meta there’s an opening to break it. Let’s look at gaming again. While a change in meta can come from updates it can also come from creating new strategies with the new tools at hand.

A great example of this change was emote combos. We had emotes and people used them and that was that, it was the meta at the time. Then someone decided to create a emote that could be combined with another emote. That took on a life of it’s own and create attention for that channel. It was spread around Twitch and it was now the current meta. Breaking that emote beta became a vital opportunity for that streamer. Not only that it kept happening. We’ve seen people break it with certain type of emotes or overlay features that can allow you to get attention.

Just keep in mind that we didn’t even used to have alerts back in the day. It was someone that had created some for themselves and a few friends that later turned into an alert system.

Attention for your channel very much goes hand in hand with the creative. That creative can come from your content but it can equally come from things like Twitch branding and new innovate ways to have alerts.

Hello! Why am I saying hello here? Well why not. Breaking the article meta. This actually turned into a shorter article and I thin it made sense. I have a ton of work and deadlines this week, next week, and the week after that. At the end of the month I’ll also have a neat announcement about my Twitch stream.

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