TwitchCon Education Zone

By 29 September, 2015 No Comments

Didn’t have time to visit the TwitchCon Education Zone? Or wasn’t at TwitchCon to be able to do that? No worries I give a brief overview of the ones I met. From HoneyLedger, GameWisp, StreamPro, GameShow, Flood Gaming, strexm, skreens, StageTen and infiniScene.

I talk about bad design, clunky software, the future, the good and the bad. Make a cup of tea and sit down and enjoy my jet-lagged brain trying to figure everything out before it explodes. Oh and I want to bring all of these guys from the TwitchCon Education Zone on to the podcast at some point and I’ll be sending out e-mails as soon as my brain gets back to “normal”.

Daniel Weijden
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