LiveSpace Podcast – Interview with riffle.tv

By 25 March, 2016 No Comments

We’re back with another random episode. Not the return of weekly content but a one-shot of sorts. Riffle.tv wanted to talk with me and get some feedback on their website so I asked if we couldn’t turn it into a podcast and so we did. So here you have an interview with riffle.tv

If you haven’t haven’t heard or tried out riffle.tv, both as as a streamer and as a viewer you might be in for a bit of a surprise. What they want to do solve is adding more funktionalitets to Twitch that today dosen’t exist. A few things that stand out is the schedule (and I like to think I gave a great suggestion in the podcast) and the giveaway contests/games that they have. On top of that it’s a mobile solution and that means it’s not for your desktop but rather all for your mobile.




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