Interview with Mark Turpin from keymailer.co

By 17 November, 2015 No Comments

If you’ve ever struggled with getting a certain game key from a developer/publisher? Have no idea who to contact to get one? Well keymailer.co want to be the answer to your problems and create a bridge between you and the developer/publisher. Worried that it’s all about the numbers? Then you really should listen to the podcast to get some great insight.

In this podcast I’m interviewing Mark Turpin (Yogscast) about his new project keymailer.co. Hear us talk about keymailer (of course), self-management and reaching the right audience and the right marketing with a more target content. There’s a lot of information in this podcast, not only about keymailer.co but also about what you can do as a streamer to really reach bigger audience.

Daniel Weijden
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Mark Turpin


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