The value of a Twitch influencer to sponsors and brands

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Twitch has a lot of attention and on top of that they have retention. People don’t only spend 5-10 minutes watching a Twitch channel. They spend hours upon hours and that’s something very sought after by brands. There’s however two things that currently brands and streamers aren’t capitalizing on. A lot of this information comes from one of the Twitch panels… I’m unsure of the name and if or if not it was a industry only one. I only have things jotted down in my notebook so nothing I can dig up easily.

Reaching sponsors and brands

What brands haven’t properly realized yet is the positive brand impact and value that even a handful of dedicated viewers can have. There’s of course a wide range that are open to it but you’re probably mostly going to run into brands that don’t even have a influencer marketing budget nor a Twitch related one for that matter.

If you think that only brand sponsorship is for partnered streamers or large streamers you’re wrong. I’ve heard from both brands and non-partnered streamers that have struck sponsorship deals.

Brands sees it as a small investment for a large return but that’s of course only when there’s actually an ROI for them. That ROI don’t have to result in sales but also in awareness and impact. Brands aren’t only looking for numbers but also passion and what you can do for them. Now often it’s the brand reaching out to you for sponsorships but that dosen’t mean that you can’t reach out to them as well.

In these cases they often have no clue who you are or what you could do for them. The best way to show them that isn’t to tell them but to show them what you’ve done in the past. Think about it as putting together a reel or a portfolio for them. These can come in many different forms but do contain similar things. The very first thing to do is try to reach out to them and see what way they prefer or if they’re even interested in hearing more.

Creating something to show potential sponsors

The content of these aren’t far of from a combination between a CV, resum√© and an archive over videos that you want them to see.

You want to spend time talking about who you are and what your brand is. At the same time you want to show them what you know about their brand and what possibilities you see working together. This is basically a way for them to get to know you and for them to see how you think about yourself, them and the future of working together.

If you’ve ever worked with sponsors in the past or worked with brands in different ways you should put that in as well. Showing them what the project was about but also what it resulted in. Of course provide video links where possible, be it from YouTube, Twitch VODs or Twitch Clips (don’t forget to include timestamps or links with time codes in them). What you want to show them is that you’re someone that actually put in work and actually provides results. These results are of course different depending on the different interactions that you have with your audience and with the brand.¬† Now you might not have worked with brands in the past. In that case I would personally start to get creative. Creating a video on what it might look like if a brand worked with you or showcase your ideas.

Finally you want to have links to articles or other videos where you shine. Make it your highlights from the past year. Don’t try to throw in things for the sake of having as much content there as possible. Instead look at what’s relevant and recent. There’s no need to have something that don’t show your best sides or something that’s too old to make any sense.

Of course you can give out something plain with only text, images and video links. But at the same time you want to show that you’ve put work behind it. Here is a great time to use your brand to highlight their brand for instance. That way they can see how your visual brand can work with their brand. As well as see what type of brand since a lot of it will be visual.

I would personally go two ways with this. Either using a program like InDesign (to create a PDF) or by creating an interactive website (using a bought WordPress theme is more than good enough). As long as it’s something that is functional and can actually showcase what you need to showcase. With either you can create some great visual aid and a much better way to present the information than plain text, video and images.

Final words on the topic

Hope this made some sense to you and that you can get something out of it. What I can say is that I would consider sponsor someone but only if I can see that there’s an ROI. A Twitch panel for instance is not good enough when my site and my marketing probably would aid you more than your Twitch panel would aid me. There has to be an equal exchange or tipping in the favor of the other brand/sponsor.

Glad to get the week started right. Contracts are signed and I’ve started several projects once again. Getting ready to go to some SaaS meeting and talking with other companies. This weekend there’s a pretty dope after work thing with an entertainment magazine as well. I might go but still a bit unsure.

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